Some totally awesome goodies for ya today - and nothing to buy!! No, REALLY!! I hate getting newsletters day after day that are nothing but pitchfests. I know we are all here to make a living, but I also like to GIVE on a regular basis too. That's my rant for the week ;-)

There's a really good giveaway going on right now, Build Your Successful Online Business, that I don't see too many people promoting, but you should check it out as there are products from Justin Popovic, Daniele Fiori, Ellen Finkelstein, Timon Vinke, and many others that you will recognize. I think the website is a little 'old school' but you can get some really nice products, and it's easy to just sign up for the ones you want - and it's ALL free, including a couple from yours truly ;-)
===>>> Build Your Successful Online Business

If you use Wordpress - here's a plugin that is on the repository but I have seen paid versions as high as $49!! This adds those little flashing messages in the browser tab when someone has surfed off to another page, and you want to bring them back: Inactive Browser tab Messager

Two great articles to read:
From CindyBidar.com: 39 Powerful Productivity Hacks to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet
From ElegantThemes.com: How To Start A Podcast with Wordpress

And I DO know that you have probably had a lot of emails about this but I do hope you have time to download Angela Wills' new 'project' "Shining Through Their Struggles". And yes, I called it a 'project' not a 'product' because this ebook is a collaborative effort lead by Angela, and she's truly created something that will inspire and motivate everyone that reads it. It is an amazing compilation of personal stories from the members of her Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. I am so honored to be included in this group of women!! I hope Angela decides to make this an annual event because I KNOW that there are a lot more stories out there to be shared!

I hope your week is going just the way you want it to - you deserve it!
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