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Hi, Everyone!!

Unless you've been living under rock for the past year, you know that when it comes to ranking on page 1 with Google - page speed as become super important. Unfortunately, for many of us in the zero/low content vertical, our websites are super image-heavy, and very slow loading.

And to be perfectly honest, since I don't rely much on organic traffic, I really have not worried about it too much, but finally decided to bite the bullet after reading a great article about a couple of new WP plugins available free on the WP repository. Literally, within minutes of installing the one plugin, Autoptimize, I had moved up from that F/C rating above to B/A, and with a bit more time and a few more tweaks - I

As promised this am, here's a quick re-cap of exactly how I took my image-heavy website that was a major fail in the speed page game, and turned it around in an afternoon - and I promise a total step by step by the end of the week with my setting screenshots, too! (And please - do back up your blog before doing this - you never know when a couple of plugins won't play nice with each other!!)

1) Downloaded and installed Autoptimize. Followed basic instructions and settings.
2) One of the big issues with page speed, believe it or not, is the use of Googlefonts!
So, I installed CAOS for Webfonts. - and the problem pretty much went away ;-)
3) Far Future Expiry is an easy to use plugin that solves another big issue: this plugin will modify your .htaccess file by inserting code which will add expires headers for common static file types. It also enables GZip compression, which Google also loves.
4) There were still some issues with too many HTTP requests from CSS and Javascript, so a bit of research and Fast Velocity Minify seemed to be the winner here.
Installed and again, just used the basic settings.

In spite of adding 4 new plugins to my blog, at this point the page speed was up to A/A, although the score was A(90)/A(94), which frankly I was thrilled with....but then I decided to go all the way and use a CDN. I chose KeyCDN because I kept seeing good reviews on it, and I have never been all that thrilled with Cloudflare.

This part of the set-up took a bit longer - mainly because one of the images on the KeyCDN site was outdated and did not match up with the actual dashboard image today. But after a couple of attempts, I got it working - thanks to their spiffy little plugin,
CDN Enabler. This made the set-up super easy, and although there is a small cost to using their service, it is very, very minimal. It looks like my site will run me around $5 per month.

The result of less than 2 hrs work (most of which I spent trying to figure out the Key CDN set-up) was that my site went from that ugly F(0%)/C(74%) to an amazing A(94%)/A(97%).

You can honestly do the same thing with the quick overview above, but I will have it all written up for, step by step, with screenshots of my plugin settings by the end of the week. And yes, it will be free.

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I hope you get some use out of this newsletter today - it was some fun geek-work, and I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Rock the week ahead!
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