Why We Made The Switch:
Dropshipping To Affiliate Marketing

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Good morning!

For many years, my hubby and I sold 'physical' products via dropshipping, usually on EBay, but also used Etsy, Shopify and several other marketplaces. We actually had a pretty solid business but the issue was that we were not running the business - it was running us...

You see, with dropshipping, you have to place every order that comes in with the right supplier, wait for the payment from the buyer to clear (you would be surprised how many don't!), make sure the order gets shipped etc. And then there are the product issues: wrong item shipped, wrong color, wrong size...LOL it is NOT easy!! There are a LOT of moving parts, and it is a lot of work. If we wanted to take time off, we had to either deal with the orders coming in while we were away or 'turn off' each and every website. It's only scalable if you want to hire staff, and that simply was not the internet lifestyle that we wanted.

Enter 'Affiliate Marketing'....if done right, it can make you a very nice income. Digital products are not always 'perfect' either, but there are far fewer issues! I have promotions for evergreen services and products that I make sales on every single month - and I have not actually done an active mailing for these products in ages!

The problem with affiliate marketing is a) most landing page software is expensive (I started out with one that cost me $97 a month - that did not last long!) b) it takes time to craft those landing pages c) it takes time to find those offers!! d) and then there are the bonuses......if you want to compete, you need to have BONUSES!!

Fast forward to this year: I have been on the leader boards of several BIG launches, haven't won one of them yet but I am right up there with David Perdew, Barb Ling, Brendan Mace and the rest of the pack that usually dominate the launches. AND...I have placed in the top 1-3 spots for numerous PLR/low content launches this year.

==>>> 100% Done For You Funnels

The bottom line is that affiliate marketing - if done correctly and consistently - can be a game-changer for you. It has been for me - once I put together the right tools and the right plan.

A product is launching at 9am today that will help to shortcut this process for you: It's a new "100% DONE FOR YOU" Funnel system that includes hosted pre-built funnels for evergreen products, the ability to create custom bonus pages, and swipe email series for each product that you can customize for your own audience.

This is a huge offer that includes 15 pre-built funnels with product review videos, 100 bonuses so you can create your own custom bonus for each offer, traffic training, hosting for your pages, and a series of 5 emails for each funnel - it really is 'affiliate marketing in a box'.

And yes, I have already purchased, at full price ;-)

==>>> 100% Done For You Funnels


Pick any planner (including the recently launched Toolkit #9 2020!)
for EVERY product that you purchase in the funnel!!
Just send me your receipt and let me know what you want!
(Note: Most Toolkits have multiple planners to choose from -
the bonus is for 1 planner, not the entire Toolkit)
==>>> 100% Done For You Funnels

If you are not currently succeeding Affiliate Marketing - do not be discouraged!! I was there too, and I am telling you - you can build a business with affiliate marketing once you have the right tools and the right training.

And later today - I just took my website - the image intensive PLRoftheMonth.Club - from "F" on GTMatrix to "A" - with all free tools and a SUPER cheap CDN, in about an hour. And it wasn't that tough - but I took notes and screenshots, which I am going to put into a report for you later today!

Have a great day!!
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