Hi, Everyone!!

First off - my apologies for being MIA for the past week +, but my mom and her adorable rescue dog live in Florida, and it looked for a while that Dorian was heading straight for them, so we headed down to help batten down the hatches for the storm and evacuate if necessary. It did not come down to that, but it was several days of manual labor getting things in order for the wind, and then clean-up and repair afterward. We are back home now and back to 'digital' work ;-)

Over the last 2 days, I got caught up with several non-PLR products that were launched while we were gone, and purchased several that I had been waiting for. A couple were disappointing but several were REAL winners:

1) Amy Harrop's Automagic Content - the key to making money AND making your workload lighter is re-purposing your content....we all KNOW that...but Amy gives you the actual tools and resources to make this easy and practical. If you buy nothing else between now and Xmas - get this!!

2) VS Evolution by Mark Bishop - I love everything he does because he really thinks outside the box! This is one of those 'wow' tools for creating everything from simple sales videos (including from articles and web pages) to keyword and competition research and syndication. If you love 'all-in-one' Swiss Army knife-style tools you will love this one - and it's a steal at $27 right now (I did get the Pro OTO as well, but not needed for most folks) Funnel warning - this is a long one.....

3) Ok, this is a really low-cost GEM: Affiliate Rebill Riches. This is a list of 253 programs that you can promote for long-term recurring revenue, which is the Holy Grail in affiliate marketing. Worth. Every. Penny. Yes, you will know some of them but I found a lot that were new to me, and definitely appropriate for some of our clients.

There were a couple of other purchases, too, that look really good, but they are software and I have not really had time to put them to the test yet, so hopefully, I can let you know about those next week.

BONUSES...of course!

Purchase anything recommended above and send us your receipt and...
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Keep an eye out for tomorrow's newsletter - I have a HUGE roundup newsletter in the works - nothing for sale just a ton of great content and free goodies that piled up while I was gone!

Have a fantastic weekend!
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