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Fun Friday Freebies

From those Wordpress 'gurooz' over at WPMU Dev: How to Use Gmail to Send Wordpress Emails (OMG - where were they 2 weeks ago?? LOL!)

From the blog of Daniel Tan - my personal favorite SEO expert: Content Promotion: The Where and The How (lots of good actionable content and resources here)

And from Nathan Gotch of GotchSEO.com, a terrific case study on writing content that drives traffic - it gives you hope: How to Write a Blog Post That Gets 304,392 New Visitors (SEO Case Study)

Last but not least: Conferences and networking events are a fantastic way to build your business - but not if you are a nervous wreck and feel overwhelmed just at the thought of attending! The key to success is pre-booking your meetings so you can hit the ground with a plan!! And HubSpot's new FREE Guide will tell you exactly how to do it: The Ultimate Guide To Pre-Booking Meetings At Conferences and Trade Shows

And just a very quick shameless bit of self-promotion:

2020 Here We Come!

We've just launched our new Toolkit #9 which is our first 2020 Planner, fully dated, and includes a 2019 (July-December) Planner PLUS comes in 3 totally different layouts with 7 different Design Kits to choose from ;-)

And great bonuses - including 10 'CAT-dalas' & 20 'standard' mandala coloring pages (all NEW - never released before as bonus or product), AND a fully dated Journal for July 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020.

Create planners for the last 2 quarters of 2019, start your product line for 2020 or create those wonderful 18-month Planners that some of us swear by!

Early Bird Special!!

Use Coupon Code: TOOLKIT9
for $10 Off Design Kits 1 - 5

for $20 Off The Super Bundle Price
Discount ends Midnight, Sunday, July 14!!

==>>> Check it out here

(Don't forget - if you were/are a member of the Monthly Planner Club, you will not be billed again, and this planner should already be available for you in your member area - if not, drop me a line and we will make sure you have access. Login to your Member's Area here: https://plrofthemonth.club/members/member).

Have an amazing day, everyone!
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