Hi Everyone!

As I mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, there were a lot of great PLR launches and I was just not able to get things together to promote them properly, but I DID do some shopping this week, since that did not stress the wrist and actually only stressed the bank account a tiny bit ;-)

The two products are actually very similar but enough differences that I decided to invest in both:

First up is Digi Product Pro, by Glynn Koski. In case you don't know Glynn - he is almost always at the top of every leader board of every major launch - the guy seriously knows how to drive traffic. On the surface this appears to be just another tool for compiling PDFs to be used for lead magnets, giveaways etc but it also includes a great cover generator and my favorite - it creates landing pages and easily integrates with leading autoresponders, and makes it super easy to create content from your own blog by just entering the URL. Lots of other features including a 250,000 article database - check it out here: Digi Product Pro (There is also a special traffic OTO - there were only a few slots left when I purchased but it's an opportunity to plug into Gynn's own list of 2,000,000 customers! It was too good to pass up!)

My second purchase was actually very similar but has a really great research tool built in that it is one of the more complete I have seen in a while: Niche One. This is by Chris Jenkins, another IM veteran, with a history of great software launches. This is a bit of a sleeper as it seems that Glynn's product is getting all of the big affiliates behind it, but the search tool here is AMAZING - it searches 12 free-to-use content libraries,
8 different keyword tools, music, images - the resources go on and on. AND...you can create an RSS feed to keep you up on new content. Honestly, amazing may be an understatement....Check it out here: Niche One

Both tools are awesome - and they have similarities but some huge and important differences. I bought them both, because I can use them both - but if these might help you, be sure that you really take some time to drill down and go through them before clicking that buy button ;-)

Buy either product and pick out any single planner at PLRofTheMonth.Club - buy both BOTH or Buy one and an OTO - and you will get 2 planners of your choice AND $25 Coupon to be used on any purchase from Toolkit 1 - 8!! Just send your receipt to [email protected]

That's it for now - gotta get back to work!

Enjoy your weekend!
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