Hi Everyone!

Well, we finally caught all 6 kittens, and they have now been tested, vaccinated and are on their way to their new homes. We are very fortunate that a local vet works very hard to find good homes for them! Mama kitty is still in the garage, and goes in Tuesday to be spayed, and we hope to find her a new home soon, too (we already have 3 rescues indoors!).

In spite of all that 'extra-cat-ricular' activity, I found a GREAT list of more than 600 services, tools and resources for virtually anyone that is involved with design or ecommerce: 600+ Web Resources For Online Professionals. Now, I have not had time to check out every single link here, but the description says that they are all free, and I can tell you that in the 30 minutes or so I spent going through some of the resources - I cannot even begin to imagine the time that this list took to put together.
I am sure you will find something new here - I know I did!

Next, being in the PLR space, I frequently have customers ask questions about using PLR, the right and wrong ways, how Google views it, etc. This article from Elegant Themes is an excellent overview of the current Google attitudes toward duplicate content: "Should Publishers Still be Scared of Duplicate Content?". I can tell you from personal experience that I have had sites rank very high for both short and long tail keywords using both PLR and curated content. I have always found Google to be more sensitive to the overall quality of the content, as opposed to whether it might be on more than site.

And last but not least - don't forget our new "Summer Fun Family Planner", is still on the Early Bird Discount price - that's $10 off either an individual Design Kit or the new "Planner of the Month Club" which includes ALL of the planners plus member's only bonuses. This month's bonus is two additional designs, that are ONLY available through the membership ;-)

Each Toolkit comes with 25 unique page templates, a 90 day dated planner, AND the 5X System, which gives you a MINIMUM of 25 different cover combinations! All that PLUS a huge bonus!!

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Enjoy the weekend - stay safe and have fun!
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