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Have you heard?

Something fun and exciting is happening TODAY in the
Content Marketing world, and trust me, you can’t afford
to miss it!

Two of my favorite PLR provider teams - Tracy & Susanne
from Piggy Makes Bank and Kelly & Sam from White Label
Perks are putting on the first ever PLRaPaLooZa from June
21st through June 30th.

What’s a PLRaPaLooza you ask?

=> This is a PLRaPaLooza!

Great question! Here’s a quick rundown: The girls wanted you
to have some great pre-written content to boost your summer
content marketing without all the extra write of coming up with
it on your own. At the same time, the idea is to introduce you to
a bunch of awesome PLR providers and give you a chance to try
something from their stores that you can actually use.

To make this event even more fun and helpful, Kelly is interviewing
quite a few of the PLR providers, who also happen to be awesome
marketers. The end result is an entire vault of great tips and training
to help you step up your content marketing game.

Here are a few of the marketers and PLR providers involved in this

• Alice Seba
• Justin Popovic & Ted Payne
• Tiffany Lambert
• Nicole Dean
• Trish Lindemood
• Kate Rieger
• And me! (and I am THRILLED to be included in this crowd!!)

There are a total of 23 PLR providers participating in this monster

And, nope, this isn’t a big bundle of rehashed stuff…this is a huge
bundle of amazing content, and in many cases - you get to pick
what you want from these stores and find content you can use
in your own business right now

The first 35 buyers will get to pick out ANY product currently for
ale on PLRoftheMonth.club - including the Super Bundle Blowout!!
All you have to do is send me your receipt and let me know what
product you want, it's just that simple!

Here's the link - you really won't want to miss this one!
=> PLRaPaLooZa

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