Happy Monday!!

Yes, it is Monday, and I am happy because it is nasty cold outside, and my commute is just down the stairs to my coffee maker. And yes, I should not admit this but it is 10:30 am and I am still in my fleece jammies and fluffy slippers ;-)

So the reason for my short email today is that Amy Harrop's QueContent Composer is going up by $10 tonight at 11pm EST tonight. If you are on the fence, it's time to make that decision to get your $10 discount and our great bonus!

I am not going to list all of the great ways to use this here but to me, this is the last step in the 'puzzle' of how to use the shortcut of PLR and create truly unique content in virtually ANY niche. And it's a one time purchase which I LOVE!!

So - here's our

If you buy QueContent Composer through our link, you can choose any single DESIGN KIT (that's a single planner design) from TOOLKITS 3-9, or a $20 coupon (your choice). If you buy QueContent Composer and ONE UPSELL - choose any TOOLKIT 1-9 (The entire toolkit - some have 5-7 or more planners!) or a coupon for $45 (your choice).

To collect your bonus, just visit PLRoftheMonth.Club to see all of the planners and send us your receipt along with your Design Kit (single planner) OR Toolkit Choice to [email protected]. Please allow 24 hrs for a response ;-)

If you already purchased and sent in your bonus request - I sent them all out this am - if you did not receive, please RESEND your email to me!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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