Good Morning!

We recently took a few days off to visit the Smokies and it was a wonderful and cathartic few days. A short trip but a much-needed break! A LOT going on the last few weeks, mostly good, but it was time for a little break!

While we were away, a lot of new products launched, one of which I am sure most of you have probably heard about, Amy Harrop's QueContent Composer. To be honest, I wasn't sure at first how I could use this software, but after watching her sales video, I quickly hit the buy button...and the next TWO buy buttons, too! LOL, yes, there are 3 upsells and I bought 2 of them because these are all tools that I am going to be able to make a lot of money within the coming year!

Here's how: Simple planners sell well this time of the year, but the rest of the year, I find that more 'complex' planners, journals and workbooks sell much better, and that's where Amy's product is really going to help me create products quickly and easily. I am going to use QueContent Composer to quickly come up with questions that I can use for journal prompts or flesh out with a bit more content for a full workbook, or simply use the software to make checklists of all sorts for planners such a "To Do" or grocery shopping list. The possibilities are endless, and work very well with the Design Kits we sell and you may already have from us and others!

The other two upsells are additional templates and prompts, and so far I am loving it all!

To me, this is the last step in the 'puzzle' of how to use the shortcut of PLR and create truly unique content in virtually ANY niche.

So - here's our

If you buy QueContent Composer through our link, you can choose any single DESIGN KIT (that's a single planner design) from TOOLKITS 3-9, or a $20 coupon (your choice). If you buy QueContent Composer and ONE UPSELL - choose any TOOLKIT 1-9 (The entire toolkit - some have 5-7 or more planners!) or a coupon for $45 (your choice).

If you have any doubts - watch Amy's video - it's clear and brief, and will get your brain cells fired up with possibilities! I honestly feel like this is the fast and easy way to utilize PLR content and produce products that truly unique - without breaking the bank!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
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