Hi, Everyone!!

Fall has arrived with a vengeance today! Although the leaf colors are gorgeous - my front door is blocked by about 3 ft of those pretty things, which makes them not so pretty when they are scattered across the living room floor! LOL - ah well, hopefully the wind will blow them all away by morning - just hoping it doesn't take the house along with it!

I have a really terrific article round-up for today's newsletter - some great content on SEO and using 'Snippets' to increase your organic traffic, and more - all below - but first I wanted to share a little story about my (mis)adventure in the world of affiliate marketing this week!

Now, let me start off by saying that I love affiliate marketing, and we have several verticals that we are very active in. This IS a full-time business for us, and has been for quite some time...but I am very cautious about what we promote, and very protective of my customer lists. These are assets that we have built over years of hard work, and I try very hard to only promote products that we have tried personally, and are comfortable recommending.

This week, a new product launched that was a very affordable landing page and funnel builder. I wanted to promote this because I know not everyone can spend $100 a month on one of the 'big brands' and at under $20, I thought this might be a good option. It's a BIG launch and more than 1500 units have been sold.

I bought it the same morning it launched and notified the product owner of 2 MAJOR issues with it, one of which essentially renders the product useless. In the training video, it shows where you are supposed to enter your affiliate link and your FB pixels....and this area is nowhere to be found in the product. He responded right away...one issue was fixed pretty quickly, the other one - the one that you needed to enter your affiliate code? - still not fixed and no response to my Skype to him today. Honestly, I don't even know how you launch a product with such a glaring issue!

I had my bonus ready to go, but will not be promoting this one! But it also shows you why, whenever possible, you should get access to a product (especially software) before you recommend it! But tomorrow - I am going to share with you WHY I was planning on promoting it - because the WHY has had a huge impact on my business this year ;-)

Now - on to the good stuff today:
From Gotch SEO: The Complete Guide to Anchor Text Today
You don't hear as much about anchor text as you used to, but that does not mean it is no longer relevant! It is and this is a great update on the topic. Also, be sure to get his report on '7 Untapped Link Building Strategies' (Also free)

From Alice Seba at Publish For Prosperity: This AWESOME Free List Building Checklist
As usual - Alice's 'giveaways' have more content than what many people are charging for! This one is no exception, so don't miss it!

From the experts at HubSpot - this is a great read! 50 Industry Experts Take A Look At Social Media Trends for 2020
Get a jumpstart on your 2020 marketing with the scoop from top insiders!

And last but not least - from Elegant Themes: How To Start A Podcast with Anchor FM
Anchor FM was purchased by Spotify a while back, and a lot of major improvements have been made. If you have been thinking about getting into podcasting - this article may push you over the fence!

That's all for today! Enjoy your weekend!

PS...Update: just as I was getting ready to hit the send button, the product owner reached out....and said he would revert back to the developer...so 3 days into the massive launch and the product is not working yet. Seconds later, I received an email from him that they were awarded Deal of the Day!!
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