Hi, Everyone!!

There is something new and shiny every day, isn't there? Although I see something I want pretty much every day (yep, I ooh and ahh all day long at all the goodies in my email!) that I think I must have, but I TRY to be honest with myself.

My criteria for making a purchase is pretty simple: if I don't think I can make enough money to pay for the course or tool in 90 days, I don't buy it. Amazing how many things I DON'T buy based on that rule ;-)

Today, I am sure you have seen the latest tool for the LowContent book space: The Low Content Creation Machine by Ken Bluttman. Ken was also the man behind a great product for producing puzzle books a while back, so I have no doubt this one is also a winner. It basically is a browser-based platform that lets you create a variety of planner styles quickly and easily. There are 2 versions, but the added features and templates with the Pro version really make it the only option. It's a great time saver! I have seen several reviews today criticizing it because it simply exports a PDF, but if you really need to make text changes, or add pages, you can either convert it to Word or PPT or add the additional pages right inside of the PDF using Adobe PDF. You can get the full-featured Adobe PDF pro for about $15.00 per month, which is super cheap if you are really into the planner/low content book business.

And yes, this one meets my criteria! I bought it but have not had time to really go through it - I just figure it will save me a boatload of time creating templates and I can definitely make the investment back in far less than 90 days! ;-)

HOWEVER.....you will still need LOTS of graphics,
even if you have the templates!!

We are busy creating 30 new covers for
you to use for your planners!
These will be ready by Saturday, October 26 -
just send us your receipt and we will send
you the download link Saturday ;-)

And don't forget: SIDE HUSTLE TOOLKIT 2.0 ends TODAY!!

The Side Hustle Toolkit contains 27 courses, ebooks and tools for pennies on the dollar!

You'll find a new 2020 planner from yours truly PLUS two $25 coupons, along with Connie Ragan Green's new release "Really Simple Sales Copy", and Lynett Chandler's Rebrandable "90 Day Marketing Plan" plus other courses by Brian T. Edmondson, Tony Whatley, Peggy Dean and many more!

And now, instead of the original bonus of 3 additional Design Kits for the planner in the Side Hustle Toolkit - we are adding a 4th set!! Each will have 3 cover design variations, an interior page and 3 title banner templates. This will never be available outside of this bundle. Once the sale is done, the bonus templates will be retired ;-) (These will be done this week - probably by Wednesday - just send us your receipt and we will deliver them as soon as they are done).

Don't miss out - This ends October 22!!

Have a wonderful week and share the joy of being your own boos with everyone you meet!
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