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Hi, Everyone!!

OMG!! Have you ever had those weeks of just massive peaks and valleys? This was one of those - actually, it felt more like TWO of those - but it's all ending on a high note!
I worked my tail off to create a custom planner package for an upcoming bundle launch by a well-known person in the PLR space - only to be notified at the last minute that they were not accepting anything in the no content/low content space. Bummer - not listed anywhere on the submission page but hey! It's their bundle and their rules, right?

But then I received an invite to participate in a major bundle launch but it has some pretty intensive requirements....fortunately, since I no longer needed the new product for the other launch, I was most of the way home for this one! Win-win for me, and just shows you that sometimes the universe knows more than you do ;-)

But they do have one requirement that I simply have not been good at doing: I need some testimonials for my products! Nothing major and formal but I am planning on adding them to my website and future sales pages as well - so could be some SEO/PR love for you, too if you have a website ;-)

We are doing this easy way today: Just send me a few lines on why you like our products, and your Pic if you have one, along with your URL (if you want the extra exposure and really, why wouldn't you??).

And....I will send you the full new set of 25 new coloring pages from the new "Posies, Paiselys & Puddy Tats" set. It also includes the 5pages that we released as a freebie last week, so that is 30 pages total - makes a VERY nice coloring book ;-).

Just send your testimonial to [email protected], and please use the subject line "TESTIMONIALS". I need by Tuesday, so please send ASAP and you will get the bonus within a few hours of your email. THANK YOU!!

On to other things>>>>

• If you are a fan of Barb Ling and Dennis Becker's Cheatsheets - you love the latest one, just launched: Glorious Newsletters 123 This is the easy way to make sure you never run out of ideas and resources ever again for a brilliantly engaging newsletter!

• I don't normally buy or recommend 'pre-done' PLR products with sales pages, but this bundle by Paul Nichols is the exception. I have been a long time fan because his systems and courses simply WORK. Today he has a huge bundle of his top selling products with sales pages at the ridiculous price (when I wrote this) of $27. Click HERE for full details, you will not regret it.

• Last but not least, I am getting rave feedback on The Genius Blogger's Toolkit!! There are 94 products in the bundle!!
It's an amazing bundle of courses by some of the top bloggers online, at less than $1 per product and it includes extended trials for some top software too: 3 free months of Tailwind, 2 months of ConvertKit, 2 months of Stencil and several other extended trials of well-known software
Check it out here: The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

We've increased the BONUS...of course!

Purchase The Genius Blogger's Toolkit and send us your receipt:
And receive THREE (3) $25 coupons for any product on PLRoftheMonth.Club AND
The Successful Blogger's Planner
Coupons are good for any current or future release on PLRoftheMonth.club

Have an awesome day!
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