Hi, Everyone!

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to make a PLR planner or journal REALLY unique - something that truly has value to the potential buyer, and doesn't take weeks to do...

And that's a really great question - and can make the difference between a planner that brings a customer back year after year and one that never gets cracked open again after Day One...

One of my favorite ways is to expand the planner or journal with additional content, usually with high-quality PLR. One of my favorite PLR creators is Huw Hughes, over at Nitro PLR, and his new release Body Weight Burn is perfect for this purpose! The new product is a really a full lead magnet to report system, including product reviews, articles, keyword research and more. Literally everything you need to tackle one of the BIGGEST markets on the planet: weight loss & fitness. And when do most people decide to lose weight and get fit? Yep, the first of the year, which is right around the corner folks! The upsells are a perfect fit, and all very reasonably priced (no $197 coaching upsell here!!)

So here is what I like to do with PLR content like this: I break up the content into weekly 'game plans' or 'goals' for the week, interspersed with the planner pages and then you can add a reminder or fitness tip from the book on a daily basis. You won't have any issues with Amazon's PLR rules by using it this way, because you are creating a truly unique end product, by repurposing the knowledge and research that Huy has already done for you.

The end product becomes a truly useful tool that your customers will love and use, letting you build a loyal customer list!

This type of product is perfect for

a 90-day planner....
so here's the bonus today:

Send me your receipt for your purchase and take your pick of any design from our uber-versatile Stay On Track Workbook! As an added bonus, we are creating a body measurement and weight chart, which should be done by Wednesday of this week.

AND.....for every upsell that you purchase....send us your receipt and get an EXTRA workbook-style design kit! There are 12 designs here, so plenty to choose from! If you already have the super bundle, we will issue you coupons for the amount to use on our site.

Check out all of the workbook designs HERE and pick up Huw's Body Weight Burn PLR HERE

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Some good reading coming your way tomorrow - and a bit of a rant about the newsletter opening line I hate the most!!!

LOL - let's see how you respond to it? Am I all alone in this or does it rub you the wrong way too? Find out tomorrow!
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