Hi, everyone!

A couple of days ago, my hubby and I watched a webinar by a well-known marketer for his new platform. It's a name that most of you will recognize, and we were both very comfortable based on his reputation that the platform would deliver as promised. It was essentially a software platform to drive traffic via press releases. Cool by me, because I KNOW the power of a good PR and use them on a regular basis.

The sales letter promised 'lifetime access' to the software, which we felt was a great deal, even though the overall package, at $3k, was certainly not cheap. There was a 3 payment option and we figured we would know if it lived up to its hype in 30 days or less.....but the shine wore off as soon as we had access to the platform and discovered that while we had access to the software 'for life' - it appeared that it was useless unless you kept buying credits for it....efforts to clarify this via support tickets over 3 days went unanswered. The 'member's area' was extremely bare-bones, and offered no information at all, just videos that basically contradicted most of what was said on the sales page. The well-known marketer that promised the fantastic case study bonus was also MIA - as was the promised bonus...

So, we asked for a refund...fortunately, it was sold via Clickbank, and they processed it hours later. Still no response from the company.....LOL, this is not the way to treat your customers, folks!

Fortunately, not everyone operates this way! As many of you can attest - that is not my style. And dedication to her clients is something that my long-time friend and marketing maven, Holly Cotter, excels at!

If you have not had a chance to check out her new SMS course and coaching special, please do so soon - you will not regret it! It's an 'Early Bird' special package that she has put together just for our readers, which includes 8 weeks of free coaching.

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