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A few days ago I mentioned that Holly Cotter was giving us an 'Early Bird' look at her new marketing platform. If you don't know Holly, she is considered a marketing icon, both online and off. Her new platform is truly where your customers are right now: on their phones! Holly's new platform is SMS based, which is great - but the BIG deal here is that you are getting Holly's training for 8 weeks - for FREE and that, my friends, is HUGE!!

So, if you'd be interested in participating in a marketing experiment to see if Holly can help you increase your eCommerce Store's monthly sales by 20% or more ... for FREE....Keep reading ;-)

Holly has been successfully helping business owners increase their sales by an average of 30% every month using 100% opt-in text messaging. She's currently getting ready to expand into the ecommerce space, but first she needs to get results for a few ecommerce store owners so she can show potential clients that she knows what she's doing.

The goal would be for her to provide you with a text messaging system fully customized to your business, and to give you 8 weeks of FREE Consulting to help you use that system to increase your sales every month by 20%, 40% or More.

The entire process will require less than 1 hour of your time every month, and will cost as little as one penny per customer!

Holly will provide the consulting services to you at NO CHARGE (normally $3000 plus a small percentage of your profit). You will just need to cover the text messaging costs (usually $100-200/month depending on how many you send).

The only catch is... after she helps you increase your sales, she will want to do a video interview with you to talk about your results (how many extra sales you made, your overall experience, etc).

If you're interested, visit this website RIGHT AWAY for full details... only 25 spots are available for the Free Consulting!

And of course - A BONUS!!

I am busy working on new coloring pages for the holidays - send me your receipt and you will receive a $35 coupon for anything at PLRoftheMonth.Club AND.....35 unreleased Holiday Coloring pages - the bundle will done by Sept 1, and feature mandala designs for the fall AND Christmas - wait till you see the snowflake mandalas! With full PLR of course!

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And a FREE mini coloring pack later today! Enjoy the day!
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