Hi, Everyone!

I know, I know, this is an odd time to be sending out my newsletter but a product launched this am that I did not get around to testing until late this afternoon, and I think it is a good solution for building out funnels if you don't want to shell out the moola for Kartra or ClickFunnels or Kajabi or one of the other well-known funnel builders.

In a hurry? Check it out here: Funnels For Everyone!

Creating funnels is, in my opinion, a pain in the tush. Totally!! And if you have been a customer for a while, you will have noticed that I don't use them - I put all of the products on ONE page and let you pick what you want, and then give you a discounted bundle price for the whole enchilada.

Now, this has been working great for my own list, and for the small group of affiliates that pretty much specialize in the PLR/Zero content space....but....and this is a BIG BUT...when I have reached out and asked some of the "Big Dawgs" in the IM space to promote my products....the response has been: "Hey, love your stuff, but we need more profit potential before we can promote to our list. Let us know when you have a FULL FUNNEL of products to promote....".

Yikes. So, the bottom line, like it or not, if you are a product creator, and you want to hit the big numbers, you probably need the help of some of the big affiliates, and they want to see a full funnel of products.

And funnel builders are not cheap, and generally come with either a big upfront price tag or a hefty monthly fee - kind of tough if you are just starting out.

Launching today is DigiPro Funnels - a one-time price for an easy-to-use drag and drop funnel builder that lets you not only create squeeze pages but your entire sales funnels with just a few mouse clicks. Now - DigiFunnel DOES come with a LOT of digital products for you to use in your funnels, but I am not terribly impressed with them and if you are in the Zero/Low content space, these are probably not going to be terribly relevant for you so....

Buy the main product and receive a $25 credit for anything on PLRoftheMonth.com, good for 12 months - and get another $25 credit for each OTO you purchase ;-)

This will give you plenty of products to fill up a full funnel!! Just send your receipt to [email protected] with "FUNNEL BONUS" in the subject line!

And that's it for tonight! Have an amazing week!
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