Do you ever have one of 'THOSE' weeks when you are just thrilled when Friday arrives and you can put this one behind you?? LOL, yes, I am sure you have, and I very happy to see Friday today ;-)

So, on Wednesday, I had a bit of a teaser at the end of the newsletter about a fantastic launch from the iconic Holly Cotter taking place on Thursday....but at the last minute, we had to pull the plug when her shopping cart got hit by a gremlin. I had the newsletter scheduled to go out on autopilot, as I was in client meetings all day, and while I was able to cancel the mailing, I did not have the ability to remotely send out a new one.

So....here we are today....ya'll are just going to have to wait until (probably) Tuesday to see her special offer, but it's an awesome one and will be worth the wait, I promise you ;-)

In the meantime - some really, really great content for you to check out today - no sales pitch here, just amazing content and free goodies to make your day a little better:

From Mick Meany, at Profit Copilot (my favorite SEO and Traffic Guru) - as always, Mick gives away more knowledge in his free content than you get in most paid courses - love this guy! Two great vids on getting traffic from Social Media - these are really terrific and so worth the time:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Piggy Makes Bank Free PLR: One of the best investments I have ever made was in their monthly business PLR package - never short of content anymore! Get a free sample today: 7 Things You Can Do To Double Your Income

And from the always AMAZING Alice Seba: This is another of my top PLR sources - love everything she produces over at Publish For Prosperity: Check out these two freebies that are perfect complements for your planners and journals:
Free 10 Pack Of Journaling Articles AND....
Free Creating Your Dream Life Quotes Graphics

IF you buy anything from either Piggy Makes Bank or Publish For Prosperity through the links above, send me the receipt, and I will send you a coupon EQUAL to what you spent for a future purchase at PLRoftheMonth.Club.

That's it for today, folks. Have an amazing day - and some free fall coloring pages coming this weekend too, so keep an eye for the newsletter tomorrow!
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