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Happy 'Hump Day'!!

Whew! We had a massive storm blow through yesterday - I knew that we were expecting some rain, but our power was out more than a dozen times yesterday, so we scrambled to unplug all of the computers, having learned the hard way that surge protectors don't do a lot of good if you have a lightning strike or transformer blow nearby. But still blew my wifi network card on the iMac - thank goodness for that box of old 'homeless' cables in the closet, as I am back on ethernet for the moment!

Working on a special series of planners, which should be out starting next Monday, so keep your eyes out for them. A very different launch from what we normally do, just wanted to change things up a bit ;-)

A BIG sale, that I almost missed is the Elegant Themes Membership sale - 20% off sale on both their annual and lifetime memberships. I have used ET for probably a decade and love them. While they are best known for the Divi theme (which we use at PLRoftheMonth.Club), I also love the EXTRA theme, which is fantastic for a newsletter or magazine-style site. The membership includes all of their themes and plugins.

Right now, Divi offers more than 100 different complete website templates, with more than 800 pages. What I love though is the ability to create my own templates (think landing pages, download pages, etc) within Divi, and then all I do is choose what I need from my own personal library for my next project. This means that I don't have to leave WordPress, and my customers stay on my website all the way through the funnel.

Last but not least - even if you don't need a great new theme or email opt-in plugin (Bloom - AMAZING!!) - many of the articles that I send you to every week come from the ET blog - so at least bookmark it for future great reads! The Elegant Theme Blog

Tomorrow - a BIG launch for one of the icons of the IM world Holly Cotter ;-) You will NOT want to miss this one if you want to increase your reach and conversions - she is the go-to expert!!

That's it for today, folks. Have an amazing day!
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