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Hi Everyone!

Cindy Bidar's fantastic "Fire Sale For Kim" is almost over - it ends tonight at midnight EDT, so if you still want to get it, you do have time! And don't forget - the bonus on this one is a non-expiring coupon for $27 (yep, the same price as the bundle!) good for anything on the website from now til forever!! PLUS 25 brand-spankin' new floral mandalas - and these are really unique, too!

if you already purchased, you can download them from the bonus link you already have.

Some other great perks in this bundle include a $47 coupon for Piggy Makes Bank, a $30 coupon for White Label Perks, and a "Pick Your Own Product" offer worth $37 from Lynnette over at Thrive Anywhere.

Here's the link:
Cindy's Fire Sale for Kim

To claim your bonus: please send your receipt to [email protected] - and please put "KIM BONUS" in the subject line. You will have your bonus the same day - in fact, usually within minutes ;-)

And some GREAT freebie alerts here:
Launch Your Biz Giveaway
Yum! All kinds of terrific and very generous offers here, too much to go after it all, but some really great content and training here - runs through August 30.

Scale Your Biz Giveaway
A bit of crossover from the above event, but still oodles of great content and training here with the focus on growing rather than starting your business. No deadline on this one but it just launched on the 15th, so you should have a couple of days to get over there ;-)

5 Day Email SEO BootCamp
WOW!!! I have spent GOOD money on courses that were not this complete...and detailed...and just WOW. If you want some really really great SEO training, SIGN. UP. NOW.

That's it for today, folks. Have an amazing week - and thank you to all of you that take the time out of your busy lives to read my ramblings ;-)
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