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Hey, everyone!!

Yea! For all of you Kitchen Sink PLUS members - the new products are uploaded and you will find your links in your member area. This month includes 16 covers, 30 all-original organic images, and OODLES more! Our Workshop this month will look at fun things you can do with organic images AND a quick and easy way to colorize your black planner widgets in pretty much any graphic/design software. As always, these are exclusive designs that will NOT be available outside of the membership!

We will be opening up membership in a few days so be sure and watch for the announcement ;-)

I cut back on events and bundles towards the end of the year, but two that I committed to several weeks launch this week - Petra Monaco's Best Year Bundle went live today, and although it is a smaller bundle, there are some very nice gifts in this one - and you can get a FULL Digital planner from me as well, so head on over and check it out. Other names you will recognize - Jan Small, Becky Beach and Sharon Kinnier - are also there!

😊 So, this one is BIG for me - I am speaking at David Perdew's NAMS Marketing Trends Summit 2022!!

As I am sure you will recall, David was kind enough to speak at our first Homepreneur's Adventure Summit, which was really before anyone knew who we were. He reached out to me in December and asked if I would be willing to speak at his Summit because I was popping up on Leader Boards - often ahead of him ;-) - and he wanted to know what I was doing. We pre-recorded the chat and I really enjoyed it, even though I freely admit to being scared to death beforehand. It is SO different being the interviewee as opposed to the interviewer! But David is the consummate professional and a great interviewer so it was really a lot of fun.

There are only 8 speakers - 2 a day over 4 days - and I am in awe to be included with true icons of the industry such as Marlon Sanders, Sam Bakker and Chad Eljisr!!

The conference is $1.00 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) and you get all kinds of goodies for signing up - I hope you will join us!

NAMS 2022 Marketing Trends Summit

Boot Camp Schedule!

Kevin Fahey's Free Traffic Shotgun course closes Monday, so I will be emailing everyone by Wednesday as to the schedule for the Boot Camp. I will ALSO be adding the details to your WarriorPlus account so we don't have any email issues!! If you have not checked this out yet - details are below!

Pinning Case Study - Make Video Pins That POP

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 4.06.14 PM
One of my fave Pinterest peeps just came out with a new course, and I jumped on this one because interestingly, my pageviews on my site have SKYROCKETED in the last 90 days. - like from 9k to over 26k per month. Digging in, I discovered that a MAJOR part of that increase came from ONE Pin that I did LAST Summer!!! So, yes, I have renewed interest in getting my pinning activities going again!

I purchased everything in BOTH of these except for the coaching but I have not gone through them yet - I just know that I learned a lot from their last training and this is all updated fro 2022

Check them out here:

Pinning Case Study - Make Video Pins That POP

Simply Pin It

A Guide to Content-Based SEO - Limited PLR

I have been snapping up everything that Tiffany puts on in Limited Series - this one is almost sold out - only 50 sets will be sold, and it's around 40 right now.

Tuesday Tutorials

From Social Media Examiner - two very timely articles - and don't miss the pop-up for the free Instagram guide!
8 Ways to Improve Instagram Ads Performance
7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Strategy for Leads and Conversions

• Constant Contact (not affiliate friendly but I'll take the gift, thank you!) brings us the 2022 Marketing Calendar: Template and Marketing Holidays

• From The Search Engine Journal:
SEO Resolutions For 2022: What To Focus On This Year

An intriguing new concept from Going Public Series Premiere, Watch and Click-to-Invest This 'first of its kind' show lets viewers invest in featured deals while they watch - this one is featuring a new skincare line. Neat concept!

How to Install a WordPress Theme: A Beginner’s Guide
From WP Engine comes a GREAT tutorial - more complete than many paid courses!

That's it for today - see ya tomorrow!!
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