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Hey, everyone!!

Well, today is a BIG day in Cincinnati as our Bengals meet the Raiders here in Cincy for the playoff game! All of the downtown buildings and bridges were lit up and the stadium was awash in tiger stripes - Cincy takes its football VERY seriously! And I am watching from the comfort of home since it is a lovely, balmy 29 F today.

So by 4:30 this afternoon, I will be parked on the couch with all kinds of football munchies, ready to scream for the home team. Am I a football fan? Not really but it's a great excuse for the rare junk food binge we get to do today ;-) Yeah, I admit it - I am just in it for the wings...

There are a couple of great gifts for you today - up first is Debbie Gartner's Affiliate Partner Compendium. I have gotten to know Debbie since she spoke at our Summit, and I just continue to be so impressed by her, both as a person and as a business owner. She is generous and transparent, and a really good-hearted person and so business savvy! Full details on her gift are below - and it is something you do not want to let gather dust on your hard drive! READ IT AND USE IT!!

The other gift is 5 articles on The Power of Kindness from Alice Seba. This one really hit home this week as I had several interesting communications with some very well-known names in the internet marketing space. One really blew me away with his off-handed rudeness - while everyone else was just the opposite: kind, polite and generous to the extreme! Interestingly, the one that was rude has been around longer than the rest, and is probably the low man on the totem pole from an income perspective.

But the rest of the encounters were amazing, and left me feeling like these were people that I WANT to do business with - and isn't that how we all want to viewed by our customers and peers? Yes, we do!! Kindness is never wasted, and these articles are very timely as people are reaching their emotional limits as the pandemic quarantines linger on.

April LaMarr has a new article pack out that is not free but I can tell you from personal experience that this is a skill set that everyone needs: Public Speaking! I have built 6 figures business in 3 totally unrelated businesses and this skill set did more to get me there than anything else! I never turned down a chance to speak in front of group, yet when I was in grade school? I was the kid that was throwing up the morning of my book report. I think I actually made it through 6th grade without ever having to deliver one!!

Now THAT is serious stage fright! But as an adult, I have walked on stage at packed conference halls around the world and left the conference with a fully booked calendar every time ;-)

Today, we may not be speaking in group settings now or in the foreseeable future, but mastering Public Speaking will also help you get over hosting Zooms, doing Boot Camps and Challenges and more - and all of these activities will help you increase your audience exposure and revenue. Full details on Public Speaking are below.

And to make that chili dip!!! GO BENGALS!!!


Affiliate Partner Compendium

This is an AMAZING free gift from Debbie Gartner (my hero!)
It’s called The Affiliate Partner Compendium and lists over 250 of the
best affiliate partners and it’s organized by niche.

You DON'T want to miss this one!

Public Speaking CAN be Fun -
and Lucrative When You Master This Skillset!

From April LeMarr, at Niche Starter Packs comes a super
  • Five done-for-you blog posts, saving you time to research and write all the content
  • Five ready to use emails that introduce the blog posts, so that you can easily share your blog post to your list
  • A 21-Page report compiled out of the blog posts, to easily add an opt-in to turn readers into subscribers
  • 50 DFY social media posts to help you share your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You're getting 5 Facebook / Instagram posts and 5 Tweets. These aren't just any posts they are tips for you to engage with your audience.
  • DFY long-tail keyword research, pick a keyword that you want to rank for and get your content up.
  • BONUS royalty-free images, content needs images to make it more appealing to your readers.
Public Speaking CAN be Fun - and Lucrative!
From Alice at PublishForProsperity:
Power of Kindness

This was one of those weeks where I was floored one day by the rudeness
Free articles:
  • Being Kind Gets You Nowhere – or Does It
  • How Tiny Action Can Make Huge Impacts
  • Regain a Sense of Belonging Through Kindness
  • Why Kindness is So Important
  • Why the World Has Become Less Kind

Power of Kindness
From Alice at PublishForProsperity:
Printables Mega Pack:
100 Worksheets and Printables

Alice has put her huge package of 100 Worksheets and Printables on sale this week. You can pick up the whole package for only $27 when you use coupon code WORKSHEETS through Sunday, January 16. The pack includes 20 worksheets for each of the following topics:
  • A Better Me
  • Success Mindset
  • Positivity
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
This is enough for a full year of upgrading
Have a wonderful weekend - time to go get my Bengal gear on and get in my 'game mode' where did I put those corn dogs???
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