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Happy Monday!

It's Monday, the sun is shining and I am on this side of the ground, so the week is off to a great start. Yep, I AM ignoring what the thermometer says, and that white stuff on the ground. And I do this online thing full time (25 years now!) so Monday is always a good day ;-)

I wasn't really planning on sending out a newsletter today as I am deeply entrenched in the next launch (look for a massive new planner Wednesday or Thursday - this will be one you will NOT want to miss!!) but I came across a free download this am that I really wanted to share - 62 pages of great stuff on how to market your books - ANY kind of book, not just fiction! It's from Tom Corson-Knowles of TCK Publishing, and to be honest, the site is FULL of great info, so I strongly recommend you top up that morning coffee before you head over as you may be there for a while.

The link below will take you to the blog - just scroll to the bottom and you will see the optin for the course. It's a meaty 62 pages, and while some of it is pretty basic - just the Google+ groups info is worth reading it ;-).

(scroll to bottom of page - NOT AN AFFILATE LINK)

And if you are wondering about their credibility? This is a real publishing house with more than 100 books holding #1 spots on Amazon. It is not another 'Deal of the Day' crowd trying to sell you more Shiny Objects. (Stepping off of soap box now).

One other note: Quora seems to be the topic making the rounds again - I fell victim to a couple of crappy 'courses' this month by people I had previously respected.....BUT Quora can be a good way to drive traffic for certain genres.....and TCK Publishing has some excellent articles on how to use Quora to market your book, without paying $17 for it.

===>>> Last but not least...our own blatant promo:

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Rock your world this week ;-)

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