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Happy Monday!

There was a bit of blue out there today which I was SOOOO glad to see as the gray has been with us for days now! I try not to let the weather affect my mood and work too much but even I get to feeling lazy and unmotivated when the gray skies hang on for days on end! But the temps have dropped and snow is likely within the next couple of days, so the heater is roaring away like a small jet engine under my desk again.

Fortunately, Bob is feeling better but this stuff is definitely not just another cold - he is normally a very high-energy person, and the tiredness is lingering as is the nasal congestion as he heads into week 2. His doctor emphasized the importance of rest and hydration and he is following his advice.

Bottom line - please take this crap seriously, even if you are vaccinated, you are at risk, although the vaccines do seem to be keeping people out of the hospitals - 95% of the hospitalized in our area are unvaccinated.
SEO'ing updates...

I am happy to report that recent (minor) changes made to my site have resulted in getting several page one spots for good long-tail keywords. Pageviews are up significantly, and I am looking at various ad networks for optimization. I have not used any non-product-related monetization on my sites in ages so this will be interesting. Still not high enough to get into some the major networks but even the networks that I can qualify for can provide some significant revenue with this level of volume.

If you think it's too difficult to do SEO yourself, think again. Like everything else - it is simply about taking action ;-) and yes, building our organic traffic will be a major focus at the Kitchen Sink this quarter!

Hope you will come join us for our next meeting January 20th!

Clickvio Walkthrough

Zoom details were sent out this afternoon - if you did not receive - please send your Clickvio receipt to [email protected] with CLICKVIO in the subject line ;-) at

Deceptive Marketing Practice...
Your Responses...

Wow! I received a LOT of feedback from Saturday's column about deceptive practices and products - and apparently, many of you had the same experience that I did with "Sir Branson".

I did not cover this in the last newsletter, because it was already so long - but I had requested a refund, and was told that that was only possible if the software did not work (there was no software!)...I brought up the fact there was no mention of Amazon anywhere in the course - and I never heard from them again.

And others apparently pointed out similar discrepancies between the course and the sales pages and were met with exactly the same responses.

So a MAJOR "do not buy alert" on anything from "SirBranson" at WarriorPlus - the products are crap and the vendor is ignoring all refund requests. HOWEVER - there is a good shot that if you file a dispute with PayPal, you will win as their refund rate is over 15% on their products, so in spite of the 'no refund' policy - so someone is getting their refunds!

Price Increase Today!

The Online Money Making Mindset

Barb Ling and Dennis Becker are two long-time faves of mine: Dennis is the creator of one of the top-selling evergreen courses of all time: $5 A Day, which is almost a cult-fan fave on the basics of starting an online biz, and Barb is an unbelievable example of someone that has fought through all kinds of health issues to build a 6-figure++ business.

This is a deep dive into the tips and tricks these two have learned over the last 2 decades or so of earning a living online, and it is - in their words - "a no-holds-barred blueprint that virtually guaranteed.... *every* successful marketer has implemented themselves, right from when they were a "wet behind the ears" newbie up until the 7 figures they generate today."

Get the details here:

The Online Money Making Mindset

(Yes, there are a few OTOs - I bought #2 AND went for the monthly at $9.97, seemed like a bargain with the $1.00 trial!!)

Discounted Price Extended

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 7.54.35 PM
YEA!!! We got an extension on the pricing on Ruthie's Affirmation Coloring Pages and Self Care Planner because I missed this one!! (Thank you, Ruthie!)
These are so gorgeous and could be combined to create a completely unique and original new product - Ruthie's 30-day self care planner and her beautiful affirmations coloring pages

Both come with commercial rights so you could sell the new product or even give it way to build your list!

Use coupon code BUBBLE10 the self-care planner to save $10 and use code AFFIRM17 to pick up the affirmations coloring pages only $17 (reg. $25).
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 7.17.19 PM
Two New Products From Jan at!

Looking for the best way to make ALL of your customers happy? Get this coordinated bundle of printable and digital planners!

The Digital planner is fully linked and editable in Powerpoint. It has 386 pages. The digital planner is $17 with coupon code MOSAICDIGITAL (normally $37)

The printable planner is also $17 with coupon code MOSAICPRINTABLE (normally $27) The matching Printable planner has 387 pages and is available to edit in Canva or Powerpoint. A4 and US Letter sizes.

For best value, customers can buy the bundle of both printable and digital together for just $27 with coupon code MOSAICBUNDLE (normally $47)
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 7.17.33 PM
Have a wonderful evening!
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