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Good morning, all!

Yes, I did take the day off from the newsletter yesterday, to try and get caught up on other things, since the holiday 'break' did not go quite as planned!

But then again - what does??

As I am sure you may know, the hubs tested positive for COVID on Tuesday, so I went in to be tested yesterday. I just got my results back a few minutes ago, and I am negative! Yea!!

And to say that we have been careful is an understatement - Bob even wears his gloves when he uses the drive-through at the bank to make a deposit!

But we are still both under quarantine for 5 days from Bob's onset of symptoms, meaning we should not leave the house, and we need to wear masks around other people.

Oh wait, we've been doing that for almost 2 years, basically, our normal routine?

Yes, easy to joke about it because Bob is not terribly sick, but trust me when I say we do not take the situation lightly and we know that we have been very fortunate!

And just a sure to pick up your all-new and FREE planner design Digital Journal & Health/Habit Tracker!

About That "WORD OF THE YEAR" Thing....

I am sure people have been doing this forever, but for some reason, it seems more prevalent this year, or at least in the newsletters that I have been reading. I don't do a word of the year because my focus is really the same every year online: Traffic.

Whether you call it list building, finding your perfect audience, or defining your ideal avatar - it's all really the same: it's traffic.

Yes, a lot of those "words of the year" are important - focus, motivation, strategy, etc - but everything really revolves around one key metric: the number of eyeballs that see your offer in the first place.

As a product creator - you can have the best funnel in the world but if no one sees it? You have no sales.

As an affiliate, you may write the best product reviews on the planet - but without an audience? Again, you have no sales.

Scaling your business can involve a lot of different things, from A/B testing to product creation, but again, the foundation of every business is customers, and in the online world - traffic = customers.

So no matter what your 'Word for 2022" may be - if your biz is online - how does traffic play into it?

Because without it - there's a good chance that your word may not matter....

So my word for 2022 (and the next decade) is TRAFFIC.

now. and. always.

Workshops Coming Up:

Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
Thursday, January 6th
3:00 PM EST
Zoom details in the member area

Clickvio Walkthrough
Wednesday, January 12th
3:00 PM EST
Zoom details to be emailed this week
(Please be sure to send your receipt to me at [email protected] - please put "CLICKVIO" in the subject line.)

Sketch Genius

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 9.08.04 AM
Sketch Genius
Wow!! Yes, I have several video creation tools already - but this one takes it to a new level!! Check out the FLIPBOOK SKETCH DEMO - it's in a carousel slider about midway down the page - it is really impressive and I can see using this for my sales videos for planners, too! The creator of this software, Paul Ponna, has a long history in the video software space, and I have had good experiences with his other products, so I jumped on this one ;-)

BTW - 2 features that really stand out on this one:
You can create videos up to 10 minutes in length and render unlimited videos!

Here's a look at the included features:
• Photo-To-3D & Text-To-3D Sketch Technology
• Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
• Auto Colour & Shape Detect Technology
• Instant Captions & Subtitles Creator
• Speech-To-Text Transcription
• 1-Click Translation
• Upload Your Own Voice Over
• Royalty-Free Music & Image Library
• Background Removal for Images
• And you can create virtually any kind of 'sketched' video - from pencil to crayon!!

Sketch Genius

Here are some other new launches that I picked up this week:

Video Profit Engine
George Katsoudas has been a trusted WordPress software creator for years but has not put out a major release in a couple of years. This is a very simple to use plugin that lets you build WP sites with YouTube videos, AND easily monetize your site with banners and affiliate links. It's a VERY easy-to-use plugin, and at $27 for 10 sites, you can create your own Private Blog Network very quickly (And yes, this is compliant with YT's TOS). If you want to be able to flip these sites later (a great side biz, BTW) be sure to pick up the dev option!

Project Restart
This is good - really really good - and a no-brainer at only $7.00!!!
Another great product by Kevin Fahey! Although this is not an 'original' concept - coming from Kevin Fahey - it carries more weight than it does from most in the IM world...this is a complete and REPLICATABLE look into Kevin's business and exactly what he would do if he started over from scratch - and it's what he has done in the past 24 months to create new 6 figure businesses in niches where he had no reputation and no 'inside track' - in other words, situations like most of us are in when we start a new project.

Domain Flipping Checklist (PLR)
Also from Kevin Fahey! Whether you use Kevin's checklists for personal use (I do!) or to add custom content to your planners and journals, this is one of the best he has released in a while! A great addition to a blogging planner - or use it yourself to build out niche blogs for flipping

The Art of Reinventing Yourself
23 years ago this month, at the age of 45, I moved from Silicon Valley to Cincinnati OH - where I knew no one. I started life over and it was the best gift I ever gave myself. I love this sales page because it features a quote that I have on a poster in my office:

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.
Life Is About Creating Yourself.

There is no age limit to changing who you are or you want to be, and the best time to start is ALWAYS today. This is a GREAT topic and can be used so many ways to complement your low-content planners and journals!!

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 4.46.57 PM
As I have mentioned previously - traffic and evergreen/passive income are my goals for the coming year, and this bundle of WordPress plugins from Kurt Chrisler is going to be a HUGE help!!! For only $27 you get all of these and you can pick up the Dev rights for a song too...

Build DFY Affiliate Sites
Build Viral Affiliate Video Sites
Build Affiliate Comparison Sites
Build Affiliate Ecom Sites
Build Affiliate Review Sites
Build WP Sites From Scratch

Check it out here: Affili-Bundle

That's it for now - see ya this afternoon!
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