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Hi, everyone!!

This is another very short newsletter - explanation in a moment - but want to make sure you got your gift - an all-new design Digital Journal & Health/Habit Tracker!

No need to optin since you are already on my subscriber list - just download it directly by clicking on the link above ;-). You also get full Commercial use rights with it as well!!

And as I am sure most of you know, Bob and I have been SOOOOO careful - we have our boosters, and everyone in the family is vaxxed, etc....and Bob was diagnosed today with COVID! He IS symptomatic, and they did a chest XRay since he is very 'stuffy' but the lungs look good. I will be tested tomorrow, but pretty sure I have also had a mild case as I have been terribly tired, stuffy, etc since last Friday. Actually slept 10 hrs 2 nights in a row - which is about 4 hours longer than normal for me LOL

But the doctor said that Bob should be fine since this is his 4th day, temp is normal and he is feeling fine, just very frustrating that we have been so careful and still managed to catch it. Or it caught us....

Workshops Coming Up:

Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
Thursday, January 6th
3:00 PM EST
Zoom details in the member area

Clickvio Walkthrough
Wednesday, January 12th
3:00 PM EST
Zoom details to be emailed this week
(Please be sure to send your receipt to me at [email protected] - please put "CLICKVIO" in the subject line.)

New Products I Picked Up This Week:

Food Hustle From Lee Murray - I love this! It's a great, innovative way of making money with cooking videos by legally sharing cooking and food videos and making money in the HUGE niches of weight loss and fitness! It's as easy as sharing a vegan ice cream, paleo pizza, or keto pot pie recipe that makes YOU salivate... and getting paid over and over again. It's an easy way into the HIGH-PAYING weight loss and health niches, without ever having to pitch a weight loss product or even mention the words "weight loss!" :)

This 12-video system will show you exactly, step-by-step, how to create a perpetual income MACHINE that requires zero selling or pitching of any kind.

For me, this is a very timely launch, as I had already decided that I wanted to revive my Gluten-Free blog - it was earning $500+ per month but I lost the website when my host crashed!! But these types of blogs can be a very easy passive income with the right content and Lee walks you through the whole process AND this is a great market for planners and journals too!!

Get details here: Food Hustle

From Kevin Fahey's Premium PLR Reports - this one is on sale through midnight for only $7.00. Weight Loss Made Simple

Also from Kevin Fahey's Premium PLR Reports - this one is on sale through midnight for $10.00 OFF. Healthier Habits made Simple

From Tiffany Lambert - 6 Clickbank Weight Loss Presell Reports PLR
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 4.46.57 PM

Confession Time:
I bought the whole funnel....

As I have mentioned previously - traffic and evergreen/passive income are my goals for the coming year, and this bundle of WordPress plugins from Kurt Chrisler is going to be a HUGE help!!! For only $27 you get all of these and you can pick up the Dev rights for a song too...

Build DFY Affiliate Sites
Build Viral Affiliate Video Sites
Build Affiliate Comparison Sites
Build Affiliate Ecom Sites
Build Affiliate Review Sites
Build WP Sites From Scratch

Check it out here: Affili-Bundle

Will get my own COVID test in the morning - have an appointment for the drive-through - will make darned sure the iPad is fully charged so I can at least read and/or work while waiting...

Stay warm and stay safe!
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