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Check your promotion calendar before you hit SEND.....

LOL - yes this was in RED on my calendar and I still forgot to include it in my newsletter today - I think I was so excited to get it out before 5pm that I just got a bit over-anxious!

As I mentioned in my FIRST newsletter traffic is big on my agenda for 2022 - and that means increasing my presence on Social Media along with increased SEO efforts.

It also means that I am looking for new one-stop solutions that can automate most of this - so I am starting with a new product that just launched today...

ViralDashboard Evolution

First up, I have never been a social media person - my eyes kinda tend to glaze over when I look at my FB feed, but I also know that to get where I want to go next - I need to 'get involved' - and I need to get some automation in place that will allow me to utilize my content to the max, across multiple channels.

And that is where this new software comes in....
ViralDashboard Evolution is a 21 in 1 Social Media Marketing and Automation App to Find, Curate, Create, Publish, Schedule, and Monitor Posts across all your connected social channels. It supports (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business).

The Dashboard is clean and easy to navigate - far easier than anything else I have used - and no monthly fees!


  • 21-in-1 Social Media Marketing & Automation App
  • Publish and Schedule to FB Pages, Groups, Instagram Business, Linkedin Profile & organization, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Twitter.
  • Connect all your Sources and Schedule from blogs, ecom channels, video platforms, and RSS feeds and Publish to Social Media Profiles.
  • Content Discovery - Discover content from thousands of trusted and high-quality Sources and the best content from around the web.
  • Create/Compose best Content for your Connected Social Media Accounts using Images, Videos, GIFs, and Memes.
  • Inbuilt Image Library where you can search millions of free images and share them to your Connected channels.
  • Built-in Image Editor to edit images from the library.
  • Manage all your Published, Scheduled, and Draft Posts in one place and filter them according to the Brand, Post, and Social Media Type.
  • Create and Setup Automation Triggers to Publish and Schedule Contents from your Connected Sources automatically.
  • Connect your Google Analytics Account and our system will automatically pull all your websites and show your Traffic Stats into the Viral Dashboard.
  • Connect your Google Search Console to VIralDashboard and get websites data into beautiful tables.
  • Social Analytics - You can track ALL your Connected Social Media Accounts Analytics in one place - including your Google Search Console!!
  • Social Inbox - Manage all your Facebook and Instagram Post Comments, Reply to the Comments and Delete the Comment from one place.
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To Get $3 Off

Check it out today -
it just might be what you need to get 2022 off to a great start!

ViralDashboard Evolution

And now back to our regularly scheduled program ;-)

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