Oh my - you know you are tired when you leave the title story out of the newsletter!! I deleted and image and took out a text block too, deleting the Etsy info! Thank you to all who caught it!

Here you go:

I know that many of you sell your Zero-Content books on Amazon, but Etsy is a great market as well. I've been doing a lot of research on how to best optimize my efforts there and here are a couple of good recent articles:

From Stuart Turnbull, who does a great business selling Public Domain Vintage Prints:

And this one is very different look from someone that focuses mainly on physical products - but a lot of good info no matter what your product is:

===>>> Last but not least...our own blatant promo:

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We've finally completed the integration, so we are having a grand AMember launch sale - 25% off EVERYTHING on the PLRoftheMonth.Club website - and there are now more than 50 products! Seriously, we had no idea how much content we had produced (90% over the past 6 months!) until we had to set each product up on the new platform!! Code is good from today through March 7, so you have a whole week to get your goodies on ;-)

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Everyone who purchases during this launch sale will get a special 15% off coupon for our next Planner/Workbook launch coming up in a few days!

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We have checked and double checked everything....but you know how that goes....if you find any bugs, just drop us a note at melody@plrofthemonth.club and we will get it squashed ASAP!!

And if you are in the snow zone this weekend - it's sounding nasty, so stay safe and stay warm!!

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