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Happy Boxing Day!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and maybe even a little rest? Yeah, I know - pot and the kettle, right? But, we did sorta take it easy yesterday, and made it out to one of our fave parks for a nice long walk - and realized just how out of shape we both are! Between Bob's surgery and giving up our gym memberships thanks to that little pandemic thingie, we need to make some drastic changes very soon. And no, that is not a New Year's resolution, that is a lifestyle decision and one that will be enforced LOL!

Someone asked what my fave presents were that I got and here they are (in no order): A Nespresso machine (OMG - such good coffee!!), a Nano Ledger (hardware crypto wallet), fuzzy leopard slippers, and of course, my 5T Seagate external drive. Oh, and a virtual 'immersion' Van Gogh show coming up in June - how cool is that??

My family knows me sooooo well.


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I am trying to spend the next 10 days wisely - giving my wrists some much-needed rest, but some serious clean-up work on my websites (a couple of new projects launching in Q1), and utilizing some of the great plugins I picked up since August, that I have not used yet, because I KNOW I my organic traffic is growing and I am not taking full advantage of it. My lead magnet is down right now because I need to upgrade it and I would rather have NONE right now than a bad/outdated one. New one live next week!

New products also coming out soon - fingers crossed as I am trying out some new things for our planners ;-)

It's Here!

from Thrive Anywhere!

Lynette Chandler is one of the best-known content creators in the low/no content niche - and now is your chance to pick up a $200 "gift card" that you can use on ANYTHING in her store for the next 365 days for only $60!!! That's a 70% discount on your future purchases!!

No restrictions! You can use it to purchase any existing product in the Thrive Anywhere store or save it to use on upcoming 2022 releases!

Check it out here:

Limited PLR - Perfect for a LEAD MAGNET!!

10 Ways to Relieve Stress on a Budget

Another limited release by Tiffany Lambert, this high-quality bundle is limited to only 50 buyers! This is a great topic to use as a list builder - break it into short articles or tips - add it to a 30 or 60-day journal with stress-busting tips throughout!!

Details here:
10 Ways to Relieve Stress on a Budget


It's not often that I promote these graphic or video bundles, but this one seems to be a good deal! And yes, I did purchase it today but have not had a lot of time to go through it yet, but so far I am happy with it. However, I did reach out and ask Firas directly if they hold full rights to all images in the bundle and he assured me that they have all rights to these products, from the sources.
  • 20K+ VECTORS and ICONS
  • 5000+ STICKERS
  • 5000+ ICONS
Full details here:


Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 12.04.19 PM

Here's How WP Exit Traffic Pro Works...

The WP Exit Traffic Pro WordPress plugin works by allowing you to show a visitor an offer as they are about to leave your site - ANY URL or ANY offer! You can use an offer on your own site or redirect them anywhere you want to send them.

As their mouse scrolls up to the browser address bar our plugin is automatically triggered and that page or offer is shown to them using built-in animated effects to gain their attention.

AND - I love that the sales page actually uses the plugin so you can see it in action....

Some IDeas For This One...

1) A person is about to leave your sales page without buying - so you show them a "second chance" offer like a page with a coupon code on it or a squeeze page offering a freebie to build your list.

2) A person visits your affiliate review blog post or bonus page and goes to leave without clicking through to the offer - now you can use your affiliate link to bring up the vendor's sales page as they are about to leave your site.

3) A person visits your blog and when they start to leave - you can show them a link to a webinar sign-up page.

Check it out here:

WP Exit Traffic Pro

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 4.14.05 PM

Guten CHIEF WP Plugin

Great little plugin that adds 20 different marketing features to your website - for under $20!

Here's just a few that are included:

Product Comparison Box
Compare any products or services

Product Score Box Element
Easily display a stylish & responsive product score box element to showcase affiliate offers, products, etc.

Review Rating Block
Add stylish, responsive review & rating block for any affiliate offer, products or any services you want (Amazon products, Clickbank products, website, and many more) with UNLIMITED color options.

Product Offer Block
Easily display stylish & responsive product/offer block to showcase affiliate offers, eCom products or any other services you want

Directory Listing Block
A great way to showcase multiple products on one page

PROS & CONS Section
Easily display stylish & responsive PROS & CONS section anywhere inside your articles (WP blogposts, pages, etc.)

Countdown Timer Section
Quickly add scarcity element to your WP sites!

NOTE: There are 2 OTOs, I picked up the first one as it adds some nice extra features, but skip the final one. At first glance, I thought it pulled in your choice of ClickBank products but it actually only pulls in a handful of pre-selected top-sellers, that are not going to be relevant for most of us ;-)

Get the full details here:

Guten CHIEF WP Plugin

Stay warm and stay safe!!

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