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Good morning!

Or at least it is on my side of the planet! First of all, I think Christmas cookies DO have calories in them (darn!), because the scale and I are not on the best of terms this am, but I will deal with that on the 26th ;-). Sorry, but I have been looking forward to our Christmas Eve dinner for weeks, and I am just going to remain in no-calorie fantasy mode for the rest of the holiday ;-).

And there are no promos today - just a very heartfelt thank you to all of you that made 2021 so much better than it could have been!

As we have all been forced to adjust our lives and our businesses to this new COVID 'reality', we have been challenged to deal with many drastic changes in our lives - from the loss of friends and family to isolation, and for many of us - we've pretty much had to re-invent ourselves. The past 2 years have been trying to say the least.

But through it all, I have marveled at the resilience, the strength, and the overall generosity of people! We came together at the Kitchen Sink to help each other build our businesses, our self-confidence, and our sense of self-worth.

What started as a short-term bonus Zoom series turned into the catalyst for so much more than I could ever have imagined - and certainly more than was on my calendar for 2021! We did things that were so far outside of our comfort zone that I am still shaking my head - but we did it and came out the other side still standing ;-)

We worked hard in 2021 but we learned and accomplished so much, and most importantly, we connected in ways that matter, in ways that helped so many.

As we wind down this year, and start to plan for 2022, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, and to let you know how very much I appreciate you all. I cannot wait to see what we can do in the coming year!!!

And there are actually TWO gifts for you - but you will have to wait until Christmas Day for the BIG one - it will be revealed on Day 25 of our Advent Calendar Event - but today I want to give you something that I use all of the time and that I think many of you will find useful - my very own Purchase Tracker! Some of you may have this, but several have asked for it recently, so I wanted to make sure that everyone has it before the new year starts!

It's the best way to make sure that you know exactly what you purchased, where it is, and what it does ;-D. It is in both Numbers (Mac) and Excel (PC) and you can download it today without any optin.

Download my Purchase Tracker Here
(no optin required!)


Advent Door #24 Just Opened!!
And today we have a very special offer from...

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And you do NOT want to miss tomorrow -
a BIG BIG BIG Gift from all 5 of us!!
And now off finish cooking and then off to the big family Christmas Eve/Feliz Navidad buffet!!


Hugs to all from "The No-Calorie Zone",

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