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So, seriously Christmas cookies have no calories, right??

I hope so because I believe in quality control, and I have very high standards, which of course means I had to do some taste testing.

Ok, I had to do a LOT of testing

Well, actually I think I may have OVER-tested because the plate seems a little empty right now.

Scratch that. The plate IS empty now.

hmmmm.....I think I may need to re-think my QA standards for the next batch....


Advent Door #23 Just Opened!!
And today we have a very special offer from...
Me, Me, Me!!!

Click here to see this very special offer

(Hint: Want to build your list? I gotcha covered w ith today's offer!!!)


And for the WordPress users among us....
...which is probably most of the folks reading this, myself included...the New Year is going to see some MAJOR changes to the core WordPress software, with TONS of added new features, as they continue to build and improve their native blocks and builder system.

For a terrific, in-depth article and screenshots on the new features and a look at their new default theme - check out this article from WPBeginner: What’s Coming in WordPress 5.9 (Features and Screenshots)

I am going to be spending some serious time over the next 10 days updating my sites and adding in several new plugins, designed to optimize my sites for more passive sales and revenue.

My organic traffic is growing but I am not making the most of the increase, in large part due to issues with my transfer from my former host last summer. There have been some serious problems with the site and the only way to actually fix it is to rebuild the entire home page, which I simply have not had time to do, but that is my priority for next week - and one of the plugins that is at the top of the list is this next one: WP Exit Traffic Pro.

They actually use it on the sales page, and most similar plugins cost 3X as much or more!
Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 12.04.19 PM

Here's How WP Exit Traffic Pro Works...

The WP Exit Traffic Pro WordPress plugin works by allowing you to show a visitor an offer as they are about to leave your site - ANY URL or ANY offer! You can use an offer on your own site or redirect them anywhere you want to send them.

As their mouse scrolls up to the browser address bar our plugin is automatically triggered and that page or offer is shown to them using built-in animated effects to gain their attention.

AND - I love that the sales page actually uses the plugin so you can see it in action....

Some IDeas For This One...

1) A person is about to leave your sales page without buying - so you show them a "second chance" offer like a page with a coupon code on it or a squeeze page offering a freebie to build your list.

2) A person visits your affiliate review blog post or bonus page and goes to leave without clicking through to the offer - now you can use your affiliate link to bring up the vendor's sales page as they are about to leave your site.

3) A person visits your blog and when they start to leave - you can show them a link to a webinar sign-up page.

Check it out here:

WP Exit Traffic Pro

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 4.14.05 PM

Guten CHIEF WP Plugin

Great little plugin that adds 20 different marketing features to your website - for under $20!

Here's just a few that are included:

Product Comparison Box
Compare any products or services

Product Score Box Element
Easily display a stylish & responsive product score box element to showcase affiliate offers, products, etc.

Review Rating Block
Add stylish, responsive review & rating block for any affiliate offer, products or any services you want (Amazon products, Clickbank products, website, and many more) with UNLIMITED color options.

Product Offer Block
Easily display stylish & responsive product/offer block to showcase affiliate offers, eCom products or any other services you want

Directory Listing Block
A great way to showcase multiple products on one page

PROS & CONS Section
Easily display stylish & responsive PROS & CONS section anywhere inside your articles (WP blogposts, pages, etc.)

Countdown Timer Section
Quickly add scarcity element to your WP sites!

NOTE: There are 2 OTOs, I picked up the first one as it adds some nice extra features, but skip the final one. At first glance, I thought it pulled in your choice of ClickBank products but it actually only pulls in a handful of pre-selected top-sellers, that are not going to be relevant for most of us ;-)

Get the full details here:

Guten CHIEF WP Plugin

From Fran at The Happy Journals...
Limited-Time Offer
New Year PLR BundleThese are

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 6.11.28 PM
These are sooo pretty!!

This Bundle features 3 Complete Products Plus A Bonus:

  • Family Home Binder - Deliver your customers a massively sought-after Home Binder where they can keep all their info in one place. In both printable & digital versions.
  • Year in Review Templates - This fun set of journal templates are a perfect way for your customers to review the year. You'll get a full-color version plus a coloring version, too.
  • Time Capsule Journal Template - A time capsule with a twist! A fun place to record fun stuff to be read later. In both printable & digital versions.
Bonus Features
All three products come with bonus, pre-cropped, digital stickers. You also get all fonts and simple covers in 4 sizes + mockups.

New Year PLR Bundle

Ends Tonight at Midnight!

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 3.55.12 PM

My 12 Month Life and Business Dream Planner

This Step-by-Step Planner Covers (48 PAGES):
  • Step 1: Define Your Most Audacious Life & Business Desires
  • Step 2: Dig Deep Into Your “Big Why” to Stay Wildly Motivated (and Manifest with Way More Ease!)
  • Step 3: Clarify Your Desires to Get Fiercely Focused on Your Most Important Dreams
  • Step 4: Simplify Your Goals & Amplify Your Results with SMART Goals
  • Step 5: Pick Powerful & Impactful Goals (So You Can Ditch “Goal Overwhelm” & Make the Next 12 Months Your Best Ever!)
  • Step 6: Chunk Down Your Big Dreams Into Small Steps & Realistic Timelines
  • Step 7: Visualize & “Feel Into” Your Next Level for a Major Dose of Manifesting Magic
  • Step 8: Start Bringing Your Dreams to Life, Starting Right Now!

My 12 Month Life and Business Dream Planner
50% Off with Promo Code: 50
(Expires Thursday at Midnight EST!)

Ends Tonight!

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 3.33.02 PM

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

This is a product that 'speaks' to me - one that I can really identify with because as an extreme introvert (yes, me!), I am ALWAYS pushing myself to the very edge of my comfort zone.

From Lynette at, this self-paced workbook can be used to evaluate and gently push against your comfort zone, using critical thinking, and reflection while maintaining a sense of self-awareness and connection.

Excellent product - highly recommended!

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

And now off to bake more cookies ;-)

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