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Green Tourmaline
Hi, everyone!

I am busy being in the 'design zone' as I finish up the new products for the Kitchen Sink PLUS membership. I am having a lot of fun with this one - but you will just have to wait to see it ;-) The first products will drop late tonight and feature individually colored line drawings from Public Domain sources. Our Workshop next Tuesday will feature tips and tricks to finding free images that you can use for commercial use without fear of violating anyone's license - and how to make simple changes to the artwork to make it YOURS without having to be a freaking artist ;-)

Trust me, if you can color (more or less) inside the lines, ya'll can do this!

No long email from me today (wait - do I hear cheering in the background??) but there are a couple of new launches today that I think are well worth checking out because this is all content that you can use to customize your planners or use to create workbooks, which are really great sellers year-round. In fact, if you are looking for ways to create evergreen revenue streams...workbooks are an excellent way to do so!


Advent Door #15 Just Opened!!
and today we find a special offer from...
Stephanie, of!!!

Click here to see this very special offer

(Hint - if you have trouble coming up with cool ideas
for daily content or a really nice lead magnet -
you really want to check this one out!


Our Upcoming Zooms....

Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
Thursday, December 16
3:00 PM EST
Open to all - another deep dive into what 2022 is going to look like for us all! Share your goals & ideas, ask questions - get those projects ready for 2022! Open to all - Zooom details are in your Member area dashboard - last one January! (Our Descript walkthrough has been moved to January 6th)

Kitchen Sink PLUS
Tuesday, December 21
3:00 PM EST
Products will start dropping December 15th - Something very, very unique and fun this month - you won't want to miss it! Check your PLUS download page for your Zoom details.

I hear ya, so here you go....

Yes, I know everyone is busy, you missed a newsletter (or two or three, but hey, I am not here to judge!) and so you missed some of my free Christmas stationery!

Just click the link and get all 3 days like magic:
Christmas stationery!

April Lemarr's

One of the things we talk about a LOT in our Kitchen Sink PLUS monthly Workshop is how to create all new products from the core planner templates - and this end-of-the-year deal from April is the library we need to up our game!

This is a Big PLR Bundle of 41 packs across multiple niches. They include business, lifestyle, health & wellness, and personal development. You can use to create lead magnets to build your list - or my fave - combine them with your planner templates to create high-value workbooks! Workbooks have a much higher perceived value and can be either printable (and fillable!!) or digital!

There is also an upgrade to include all 11 of April's MEGA kits. These have blog posts, journals, planners, printables, social media graphics, and more.

And yes - I bought this too ;-)

Get full details here:


Use Coupon Code: RUDOLPH and get 40% off!!

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 1.04.08 PM

How To Use The Tarot

From Gabby of, comes a new Tarot Planner and a great bundle of content - and I have a HUGE bonus for this one too!

This Done-For-You Package Includes:
  • 5 Blog Posts
Topics Include:
  • How to Get Started with Tarot (601 words)
  • How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself (574 words)
  • How to Read Tarot Cards (522 words)
  • How to Use a Tarot Card Spread to Make the Most of Your Life’s Decisions (600 words)
  • 5 Tarot Card Spreads for Improving Our Lives (808 words)
You Also Get:
  • 1 Cover Design in Canva, PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4 in color
  • Planner Templates (25 interior pages) in Canva and PowerPoint
  • 1 Cover Background
  • 1 Watercolor Background
  • 4 Gold Tarot Vectors
  • PLR / Commercial Use Rights
Bonus: Buy EITHER Planner option and get the following in your member area at Cup Of Zen:
• 5 Crystal Covers with descriptions of the stones and their uses (see sample above!), • • 5 Chakra covers.
(These are not new but not many of you probably have these as they were from last year)

How To Use The Tarot

From Matt Garrett
20 Different Source for Legit Side Hustles!!

This is so timely - this week Debbie Gartner, one of the top revenue-earning bloggers, shared in her newsletter that she had several side jobs that provided some stable income while she was getting her blog up and producing revenue! Whether you are looking for some side income to sustain you while building your business or you want some quick cash by Christmas - here are 20 different sources put together and vetted by long-time and trusted resource, Matt Garrett, that are legit and just might be what you need to get 'over the hump'!


This is Perfect For You If You:

  • Need a way to cover living expenses
  • Want a way to work AROUND your current busy schedule
  • Are just starting your online biz and need a 'Side Hustle' to bring in some stable revenue while you get going
  • Are a stay at home parent needing to bring more into the household
  • Want extra revenue to leverage into other business opportunities
Full details here:

20 Different Source for Legit Side Hustles!!

And now I gotta get back to motivation still has not reappeared - but getting it all done anyway!!

Hugs to all and see ya tomorrow!

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