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Hi, everyone!

Well, my meteor watching did not go so well as the high, hazy clouds moved in, but we have blue skies again now, so I am not complaining. Blue skies and no snow this time of year? I am a happy woman.

I don't know how many of you are on Stephanie Hansen's newsletter list, but if you are not, you should be. She is the owner of and a very good friend. I love her snarky, tongue-in-cheek (but just barely) sense of humor, and she is the driving force behind our Digital Divas Advent event, and has been the 'ring leader' for our recent summits.

Today's newsletter really hit home though - to quote Steph:

My motivation, it haz runned away. 😄

And, y'know, that's...okay.

LOL - I immediately reached out and told her I think my motivation is out playing with hers - and please send it home if she sees it before I do because I think I last saw it about 2 weeks ago - flying out the window....

The truth is, there has simply been a great deal of 'havoc' going on - background noise if you will - none of which on its own is terribly serious - but as a whole, these things have been a terrible time suck and just a drain on my energy. And it seriously drives me crazy when I don't get my to-do list done - and it drives me even crazier when there is little that I can do to regain control.

Perfect example - I had a huge pile of stuff to get done over the weekend - and late Friday afternoon, my 86 year old mother, who lives in Florida, calls to tell me she took a bad fall, and is pretty sure 'something is broken'. So, I spent most of the weekend trying to find an Urgent Care that could take her (COVID restrictions everywhere), local taxi service is very limited - and booked! - and the neighbors most likely to be able to get her there were gone for the weekend. Incredibly, it all turned out ok...nothing broken...but there went the weekend, my work time, and the to-do list is under the desk somewhere....

And to be perfectly honest - it's been one thing after the other for several months now, and with every new 'crises' - ya just feel that motivation slipping farther and farther away, until yep - it just flew out that darned window!

LOL! But being UN-motivated is not a luxury that I have. I have bills to pay, and a mortgage to make. The bank is not going to care whether I felt like working today or not. So, no matter how much I don't feel like working today - that bill looming in the not too distant future provides me with the motivation to hit the computer!

Everyone talks about 'accountability partners' - but the truth is that we need to be our OWN accountability partners, first and foremost, before we can commit to helping anyone else reach their goals.

We ALL feel unmotivated from time to time - I think it comes with being human ;-) - but if you are feeling unmotivated consistently - maybe it's time to sit down and take stock of what your REAL motivation is for starting a business?

Is it simply because you want to - or do you actually NEED to?

Is your business a true profit-based venture - or something that you enjoy doing but don't really need to turn a profit?

Are you mistaking overwhelm for lack of motivation? This is SO common because there is so much to learn and do - that we sit and stare at the computer and nothing gets done, and so we think we are unmotivated. Nope - we are so overwhelmed with not knowing exactly where to start - that we don't.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar - come and join us at the Kitchen Sink Mastermind Thursday as we talk about getting back on track after you have slipped off the rails!!


Zooming around.....Our Upcoming Zooms....

Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
Thursday, December 16
3:00 PM EST
Open to all - another deep dive into what 2022 is going to look like for us all! Share your goals & ideas, ask questions - get those projects ready for 2022! Open to all - Zooom details are in your Member area dashboard - last one January! (Our Descript walkthrough as been moved to January 6th)

Kitchen Sink PLUS
Tuesday, December 21
3:00 PM EST
Products will start dropping December 15th - Something very, very unique and fun this month - you won't want to miss it! Check your PLUS download page for your Zoom details.


And here are today's 10 designs of Christmas stationery! Print them out, and use them to send someone a real hand-written note for the holidays! Make someone's day a little brighter by letting them know you care enough to put pen to paper ;-)

You might be very surprised at the response that you get!!

Download them here: Christmas stationery!

And don't forget to check out the Best Year Yet Giveaway at the bottom of the newsletter - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!


Advent Door #14 Just Opened!!
and today we find a special offer from...
Helen, of!!!

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From Matt Garrett
20 Different Source for Legit Side Hustles!!

This is so timely - this week Debbie Gartner, one of the top revenue-earning bloggers, shared in her newsletter that she had several side jobs that provided some stable income while she was getting her blog up and producing revenue! Whether you are looking for some side income to sustain you while building your business or you want some quick cash by Christmas - here are 20 different sources put together and vetted by long-time and trusted resource, Matt Garrett, that are legit and just might be what you need to get 'over the hump'!


This is Perfect For You If You:

  • Need a way to cover living expenses
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Full details here:

20 Different Source for Legit Side Hustles!!

Deal Of The Week...
That I Almost Missed....

This is actually kind of embarrassing - I picked up Michael Cheney's Fast Track To 1 Million back when it first launched, sometime before Thanksgiving, but life got in the way and I never cracked it open. But I was on a Zoom over the weekend and heard a couple of people talking about how good it was, and how surprised they were that ht sold it so cheap, so I spent the last 2 days listening to it while working and WOW!! It's excellent and at $9.95 - this is the bargain of the week - hands down!

This is what you get for that whopping $9.95:
• 9+ hours of video replays of his live in-person class
• Action plan for each video session
• Full transcripts
• MP3 audios
• Downloadable Videos so you have access for life!

And there are only 4 products in the entire funnel so you won't get stuck for an hour.
And I apologize for not taking the time to listen to this before - some solid information from a marketer that has made millions with solid marketing campaigns and high converting funnels.

Full details here:
Michael Cheney's Fast Track To 1 Million

4Brand - Customize Your Media!

Early Bird Pricing still in effect!
Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 3.24.50 PM

Are you looking for something to add to your portfolio of services? Or just looking for a quick way to create your own cohesive branding across multiple platforms? 4Brand launches Tuesday, December 14th and this is an awesome way to make sure everything you create for your websites, products and social media are all consistently branded:
  • 1. Access to the first-ever 4-in-1 branding suite
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    3. Turn your video into an interactive one with 500+ Mockup Templates!
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    Visual Creator

    5. Easily render HD Logos into your videos
    6. Free Commercial License included
    10. Complete Video Training and Tutorials included.
    …. and a lot more.
Get Full Details:


PLR Offers!

Great new PLR: If you are looking for PLR to add to your planners or journals - these are two great recommendations:

5 Ways To Reach A New Audience! (Piggy Makes Bank)
This is perfect content for a planner or list-building lead magnet
Each PLR pack below includes:
- 5 high-quality plr articles – minimum of 400 words
  1. Be Our Guest- Reach New Audiences Through Interviews
  2. Broaden Your Reach and Impact Through Guest Hosting
  3. Pay Attention to Who Is Influencing Your Target Audience
  4. Be an Early Adopter for New Social Media Platforms
  5. Get into the Spotlight So People Can See YOU!
* 5 social-friendly images that also work as blog post images
* 5 emails to help you share the articles
* 5 social media posts
* Ebook Compilation of the articles included

Click here to see all the details: 5 Ways To Reach A New Audience!
Coupon Code for $10 off: 10DEC21

• Perfect for the New Year: Cultivate an Abundant Life (Alice at Publish For Prosperity)
Remember those workshops about creating a course from your Lead Magnets and Planners? This is PERFECT for that technique!

This 4-Part Ecourse can easily become a 4 week course and includes the following:
  • 4 Illustrated Cultivating an Abundance Mindset to Get More of What You Want Out of Life Reports
  • 4 Detailed Checklists
  • 4 Worksheets
  • 4 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets
  • 4 Course Delivery Emails
  • 1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page
Full details here: Cultivate an Abundant Life



Best Year Yet Giveaway!!
December 1 - 14!!

40+ Gifts & $16K in Prizes

This Giveaway is filled with all kinds of great products and courses
from folks you rarely see in a bundle event!

Lisa Sasevich, Marisa Murgatroyd, Stu McLaren, Molly Mahoney,
Milana Leshinsky and yes - me and Ruthie teamed up on this one,
so we have a great bundle in there for you, too.

Here's just a sample of the goodies waiting for you:

• Giveaway How-To Masterclass With The Event's Hosts, Jennifer & Kathryn
• STU McLAREN: How to Launch a Successful & Profitable Membership Site
• LISA SASEVICH: The Ultimate Offer Toolkit: How to Increase Sales, Create Your Own Irresistible Offer and Get It Out To The World
• MARISA MURGATROYD: Get “Videos That Sell”
Get 10 Proven Press Releases from Susan Harrow
6 Figures in 6 Months from Shameca Tankerson
How to Write Emails People Actually Want to Read from Sam Bennett
• From Lynette Chandler: InstaAMP Engagement Boosting Instagram Puzzle Feed Template
• From Ruthie and I: 90-Day Affiliate Promotions Planner AND 30 Gorgeous Additional Covers so you can customize as much as you want!

And so much more!! There are really some very very high-quality gifts in this one!

Check it all out ASAP!

Best Year Yet Giveaway!!

That's it for today - I have purchased a couple of interesting looking new traffic courses but have not had time to go through them yet - will let you know if they are of any interest!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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