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Hi, everyone!

And let's see...that was one gift for them, two gifts for moi'...LOL!!

Yes, it's that time of the year, and we may soon need a traffic cop out here to coordinate deliveries! Like many parts of the country, most of the malls in Cincy are either closed entirely or very few stores are open - a trend that started before the pandemic - but COVID has wiped out most local stores, so the bulk of our shopping has been done online. Truthfully, I am amazed at the shipping times so far, and we have 95% of our list already sitting in the middle of the living room.

The cats of course, think we ordered the boxes just for them - it's apparently kitty Disney World at the moment - especially at 3 am ;-(


Earlier this week, David Perdew (yes, THE David Perdew!) reached out and asked if I would be available to be interviewed for his upcoming event, and of course, you know what my response was!! We met for our Zoom yesterday afternoon - such an unusual situation for me - to be the interviewee instead of the interviewer!

I have such great respect for David, and his business acumen. He is so well-respected and has built an incredible business - and as an interviewer - he is a rockstar!! It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for it to be released. David's event runs 12/20-12/30, and I will let you know as soon as I have more details - this is not another bundle or giveaway - this iw

Although the main topic was list building - one of the topics that came up was about the difference between having passion for your business versus passion for a specific product. David very astutely pointed out that I DO have a passion for building my business, and have been able to separate that emotion from the products, allowing me to pivot as needed to keep the business in growth mode.

WOW - he nailed it!! Because the truth is, I have always loved building a business, and enjoy the challenge of not only finding new ways to sell, but finding new audiences for existing products, new ways to use and tweak those same products. I spent almost 30 years in the fintech world doing this, and am simply finding ways to apply that same skill set in my new industry.

So often I find that we don't make the best use of the skill sets we already have, often thinking that we need to start completely fresh because we are in a 'new' business and yet that is rarely the case!! We spend money on courses and training and coaching, when the truth is - we probably have most of what we really need tucked away in our memory banks.

What we do need? The confidence to use and trust those skillsets more than we do! The internet is NOT an entirely new and alien environment (ok, sometimes it is...) - it is populated with the same people that we dealt with before - it's just a little different method of communication.

You do NOT need to start from scratch. You do not need to scrap everything you learned in your 'old' life - you just need to stop and take stock of what you know, what you excel at, and how you can apply that to your 'new world'. And THEN figure out how to best fill those knowledge gaps while moving forward.

Remember - this is not about perfection - it is about ACTION....

What about you? What skillsets do you have from a 'former' life that could be resurrected and tweaked a bit to help you succeed in your new business? What contacts might be able to help? What do you perceive as the gaps in your knowledge? And are these really big and bad enough to be stopping you from moving forward?

You might be surprised at your answers! I did this same activity 2 years ago - and it kicked my tush in gear big time ;-)


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Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 5.00.42 PM


I just picked this one up today, and it looks like it may be a real contender for the Vidnami replacement spot! Yes, I have couple of others, but I am still not quite thrilled with them so the search continues! This from Joshua Zamora, the creator behind Exlaindio and a LOT of other video products so I think this will be around for awhile...

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Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 10.14.00 AM
One of my BIG goals for 2022 is to focus on more EVERGREEN revenue streams, and courses are a great way to do this. Although you want to put your own spin on any PLR you purchase - starting with 'seed material' like this is the secret of MANY names that you would recognize in Internet Marketing.

In fact, if you attended David Perdew's Presentation at the first Homepreneur's Adventure Summit - David shared with us how he turned a low-cost PLR course into an evergreen 6-figure revenue stream!

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• From James Renouf: 100 100 100
A totally new take on getting free crypto - and yes, it actually seems to work! At $11+ right now, I figured it was so worth the price, as I am doing well with the other crypto courses I bought from James ;-)

Christmas List Heist

This is
Alan Maglioca and Anthony Mc Carthy - many of you may not know Anthony McCarthy but he is one of the IM 'Legends' - ranking up there with Marlon Sanders, Ryan Deiss, Jimmy Brown and a small handful of other marketers. He rarely puts anything out anymore but I always snap up everything that he releases - and I WILL be getting this one when it goes live today!

This course is all about list building and will give you some new insight into something you are probably already doing...List Building with EVENTS!!

**ends sunday**
Sale Event Strategies
from Cindy Bidar

I am an unabashed fan of Cindy Bidar - there are only a few people that are as successful as she is and accomplishes as much as she does without an entire team of peeps behind them - and she actually still manages to have a life!!

Her latest course is a deep-dive into her own sales strategies, including the exact systems she uses to create, plan, and promote at least six different (and equally effective) events each and every year and....How a simple, repeatable strategy and a tiny bit of planning added $150,000 in revenue to her business in 2021...(um, yep, I want to replicate this one in 2022!)CHECK IT OUT HERE:

Sale Event Strategies

And now off to clean up the yard a bit - the high winds of last night and this morning have the yard littered with branches! Thankfully all fairly small and no major damage but the yard and driveway are a MESS - and I don't think the yard fairies are going to be here anytime soon.....

Stay warm and dry!

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