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Good morning!!

Last night my hubby and I went out to a REALLY nice restaurant for dinner - you know the kind where the cocktails cost more than lunch at Mickey D's? It was really relaxing, and we spent 2 hours talking, pretty much uninterrupted, which is something that rarely happens with our busy schedules.

So what did we talk about? Business, of course! LOL we discussed plans for 2022, what worked in 2021, what needs to be tweaked, and where we want to be by the end of Q2.

The meal was fabulous and the dessert was outrageous..but the best part? The check!! Yes, one of the reasons that we were there in the first place was the amazing deal they offered for mid-week diners, and by the time we deducted our gift cards from the last two Christmases...the meal was about the same as that lunch at Micky D's. ;-)

And notice that we said where we want to be by the end of Q2 - I generally tend to set my primary 'target goals' with a longer acquisition time, knowing that I will be reviewing and adjusting along the way. But, generally, trying to hit a BIG goal in 90 days is not doable for most of us, it's discouraging when we miss that goal, and we quit.

By giving myself a more reasonable time frame, with attainable benchmarks along the way, it's more likely that I will stay motivated, actively engaged, and hit that long-term ultimate goal.

And yeah, I developed this strategy the hard way LOL

Zooming and Booming...

Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Yes, we will be meeting TODAY at 3:00 pm EST, and the topic is planning 2022! Where your business is headed, and what it will take you (and us) to get to the next level!

Your Zoom details are in your member dashboard (login here) and everyone is welcome!


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• From Edith Highnutt: Kill The Sugar Habit
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Edith is a certified PN1-NC or Precision Nutrition Level 1 health and nutrition coach, so this content is written from a qualified health expert's point of view and is excellent.

These are also long-format articles, which are MUCH easier to rank with a bit of SEO optimization ;-)
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  • 7 Sugar Substitutes to Consider (and 7 to Definitely Avoid) 1,252 Words
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Hope to see you later today at the Kitchen Sink!

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