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Good morning!!

Well, yesterday was certainly an interesting day - if you ever wondered just how deep into our lives Amazon's reach is - yesterday's outages affected everything from Netflix and Disney+ to The Associated Press!! But more importantly, I missed my daily lunchtime reading break as I could not connect to Kindle LOL. It IS a little scary to think of how many businesses rely on AWS today, but TBH? I have reached my maximum level of things to worry about these days. I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies and not watching the news.

Sometimes, self-care means pretending that life is normal, for even just a short period of time. 🎄 It also means avoiding that white stuff that fell overnight LOL!!

On the other hand...they DID get a very important Xmas gift delivered 6 hours after we ordered it....It would have taken me longer to get to the mall and back home - but that is also probably because any trip to the mall also means lunch at the Cheesecake factory ;-)

Zooming and Booming...

I hope to have the scheduling worked out for upcoming Bonus Workshops by tomorrow - trying not to conflict with several other events and Summits, which is getting tougher all of the time! - but if you sent in your receipt for a bonus, you will hear from me tomorrow. And if you have not sent in your receipt yet - please send to [email protected]. I will also post the bonus details on W+ if you purchased through there.

Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Yes, we will be meeting this week, and the topic is planning 2022! Where your business is headed, and what it will take you (and us) to get to the next level!

Your Zoom details are in your member dashboard (login here) and everyone is welcome!


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And that's it for tonight! Off to do some work chores - and get more goodies done for the PLUS members!!!

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