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Hi, everyone!!

It's kinda funny - I was born in Los Angeles, California, in the middle of a record-breaking July heatwave - it was way over 100 degrees the day I was born - and I always used to tell folks that it was a sign that I should always live in a warm climate...yet it's now almost 23 years since I looked out of that plane window as we landed in Cincinnati and saw the snow-covered (brown) landscape and said to myself....."WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU DONE NOW??"

LOL - LOOOOOONG story behind that move, but it was my re-boot to a new life...I started completely fresh - new location, new business, started over from scratch. Knew no one when I moved here, which meant I had the ability to start ME over again too. Best gift I ever gave myself!

What would you change in your life if you were given that chance?? Nothing? Everything? Or somewhere in between?

I love my life in Cincy....but I still hate cold weather.....


The response to yesterday's newsletter was interesting - one person actually said that it was foolish to plan that far ahead. LOL - I shall respectfully agree to disagree with that particular opinion.

I was surprised at the number of responses yesterday (yea - people ARE reading this!) but there was a definite common thread among the emails:

1) How do you make the decision of what to pursue in the first place
2) How do you know when you need to deviate from your plan?

I am actually going to answer #2 first because it is the easier/shorter answer of the two for me: when I lay out my plan for the year - it is not meant to be 'carved in stone', but rather a guide for the general direction I want to take. I deviate from the original plan when I see something in the market that is going to affect my ROI if I continue down the planned path....or sometimes simply because the project just is not flowing smoothly for me. In other words - the fun factor just ain't there.

Scientific, huh?

For example, I might decide that I want to launch a new product every 3 weeks in 2022, but then each quarter, I will take a look at market trends, what others have launched, etc, and then decide just what those products will be. So yes, I am mapping out my year ahead of time - but still leaving enough flexibility and 'wiggle' room in the overall plan to be able to change the path as needed.

By creating an overall strategy that is flexible - it makes it easier to make changes and deviate from the original plan if I find it is not working for me.

A product every 3 weeks may be too many or not enough - but I will know that by the end of Q1 and can adjust the rest of the year accordingly.

Or if someone launches something that is too similar to what I had planned to create - I can easily change my plans and do something that will be a better fit for that period.

And truthfully - the key to my success online has always been my willingness to change my business model as needed.

BUT I still have some general direction of what I want to do and the direction I intend to head in, so at least I won't get too lost along the way...

And tomorrow - I will answer the tough question: How you make the decision on what to pursue in the first place.


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And that's it for today - enjoy the rest of the day and I hope your team is winning if you are a football fan!! Our UC Bearcats made it into the college football championship playoffs for the first time ever so the town is going crazy. A tough road ahead still but this is still a historical event for the school. Go Bearcats!

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