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Set 03-Black Friday-15
Whee!! It's almost over....

I really and truly tried to control myself, but in truth, I had been making notes for the last couple of months on things that I would love to have if the price was right...and darn it anyway! A LOT of the prices WERE RIGHT!! LOL!!!

I focused heavily on website 'upgrades' - SEO-related courses, SEO plugins and software, mainly because I had already picked up my mailing list software (Mailvio and Clickvio), and several WP plugins.

I had not really focused too much this past year on SEO up until a couple of months ago, and was quite pleased to see that basics are still holding true and several pages are now holding their own for my desired keywords on page 1. So, I figured it was time to dive in and start getting serious with it again! And I admit - I really love SEO because it is really just a giant game - you against the Big G - and everyone else in your niche!!
It's fun to see your page move up from obscurity to page 1 and you would be surprised how fast it can happen with a little effort!

I have a huge bunch of great articles that I was going to post today for the usual 'Tutorial Tuesday' but so many things were ending today, that I am going to save them for Thursday, so they don't get lost in the crush. But you will definitely want to catch Thursday's newsletter as I have some great content for you!


Lynette's No Spend Black Friday Giveaway!
If you have not checked this out yet -
you really need to as it is AWESOME!!!

It's all 'Top Shelf" high-quality products, personal use as well as PLR, and just a great selection, so I am sure you will find something that you can use! But tonight is the last night to register for anything, so you do want to scoot over there before it disappears!

Lynette's No Spend Black Friday Giveaway

sale extended through end of Today!
Flash Sale from Ruthie Bowers
on Two Best-Selling Courses!

Creative Repurposing 2020

Turn Done-For-You Coloring Designs Into Unique Images You'll Be Proud To Publish! Ruthie has definitely established herself as the ORIGINAL "Queen of Content Repurposing" and this course will show you why! Learn how to maximize every dollar you spend on White Label Coloring Pages - and finally turn your expenses into revenue!


Creative Repurposing 2020

Use Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY30 saves you 30% on both courses


Amember Demystified

This is the 2-part Workshop that Ruthie and I did together earlier this year!
In Module 1, Ruthie and I walk you through a complete amember installation including:
  • global configuration
  • plugins and add-ons
  • setting up your transactional emails
  • and much more...
And in module #2, we share tips and strategies for:
  • setting up products
  • using forms vs. buy buttons
  • setting up your affiliate program
  • setting up your customer dashboard with widgets

No "geek-speak" - easy to understand and follow along!


Amember Demystified

Use Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY30 saves you 30% on both courses
Scared to send a newsletter every day?
Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 7.50.58 PM
I am always on the lookout for new tools and techniques to accelerate the process of List Building, so I was really pleased when I tripped over a new product by Brett Ingram this afternoon at a CRAZY affordable price! His new release is CLICKSPUSH.

Push messaging - those little popup windows in the corner of your computer screen or phone home screen - is NOT new technology, but I have never seen it as affordable as this program is! I have wanted to add push messaging for quite some time - but I considered the cost extremely prohibitive.

But the technology is super slick and makes it so easy for new subscribers to add themselves to your list: Imagine new subscribers joining in 1 click, instead of needing to fill out a form with their name and email. And imagine growing your list from ALL desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms at once, without having to create and test a different form or landing page for each device!.

Your open rate will be as high as 80% because your message will never get trapped in SPAM filters, junk inboxes, promotions tabs, or lost in a sea of emails in an overcrowded inbox.

Price is still only $27!!!

• Clickspush UNLIMITED Use
• Build lists on unlimited websites
• Support 3rd party website platforms
• Customize subscribe alerts
• Create unlimited messages
• Send unlimited messages
• Stats tracking for unlimited messages


All New Products Added Tomorrow!!


Best Year Yet Giveaway!!
All New Goodies Added Tomorrow for the
"OFFICIAL" Launch!

Pre-launch is over and the doors swing open tomorrow to all kinds of great products and courses from such well-known peeps as

Lisa Sasevich, Marisa Murgatroyd, Stu McLaren, Molly Mahoney, Milana Leshinsky and yes - me and Ruthie teamed up on this one, so we have a great bundle in there for you, too.

Check it all out tomorrow!

Best Year Yet Giveaway!!

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 3.35.43 PM

Ruthie says:
It's Almost Christmas!!

These are truly unique and absolutely gorgeous!! Brand new - you won't find these anywhere else!! All original, and hand-drawn!!

Set #1 - 20 Christmas Line Art Coloring Pages

Set #2 - 20 Zen-Style Christmas Coloring Pages

Set #3 - 20 More Zen-Style Christmas Coloring Pages
>>>>> Check them out here: Ruthie's Coloring Bundle!!

Bonus: 15 Snowflake Mandala Coloring Pages (delivered next Friday) - you will find them in the Bonus section at

Stay warm and stay masked!!!

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