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Yes, It's Time For Your Freebies!!
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Hi, Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great day yesterday! We had a really lovely day with Bob's youngest son and his fiancee', they are fabulous cooks, fun to be with, and just all-around great people, and it was just a wonderful way to spend the day. We have our second family event on Sunday, which is really a day of football with turkey on the side ;-)

And as I do every year - I avoided the mad crush of shoppers and instead enjoyed a frittata and coffee with my hubby and the kitties, in a nice warm house LOL! I don't mind getting up at the crack of dawn but standing in line in the dark for a flat-screen TV? Nooooope - ain't never gonna happen.

As I mentioned previously - I am not going to hit you up with a gazillion BF specials this weekend. I totally agree with what Ruthie Bowers said in her newsletter today - only buy what you need and will actually use in the coming months! I have a very defined strategy for 2022, and since I pretty much have 90% of the software I need to run and manage my business, my focus is on courses that can guide me through to the next level.

There are a LOT of great courses on sale right now but I want to offer a word of caution to all about buying courses:

I have noticed a VERY disturbing trend lately regarding something that we usually pay ZERO attention to when buying a course: The Terms Of Service, or Terms Of Use.

Quite honestly, I never paid much attention either until recently, when a course creator posted part of her TOS in the FAQ on the bottom of her sales page - a section that I DO pay attention to!

I was dumbfounded/horrified/flabbergasted....well, you get the drift...and what I read!

In essence, the TOS restricted you from creating a new product for resale based on anything that you learned in the also prohibited you from ever creating a competing course, in ANY format, and the course was so generic that anything you created on the topic (which was a very broad one about planner creation) could be construed as a competing product.

I did not buy the course not did I promote it.

Just this week, I was looking at a new course on creating digital planners and discovered some real doozies in its TOS as well, including this gem:

• The content of the Course contains the Company’s proprietary methods, processes, forms, templates, and other information. You hereby agree not to share the information provided in the Course with anyone...

And the penalty for violating the TOS?
Each instance of noncompliance is subject to a damages claim of $150,000 USD!!

And since I have seen the same processes on YT many times - I hardly think they qualify as 'proprietary'....Ego check time, folks!

Believe me, I understand not wanting your hard work and ideas copied right and left - it's happened to me more times in the past year than I want to think about - but if I am buying a course there is about a 99% chance that I am buying it because I want to learn something I can use IN MY BUSINESS!!

Why do I want to pay
to learn planner-building techniques
to create a planner that

Yes, our work and training IS valuable - but let's be realistic!!! If we hogtie our customers with a TOS that is so restrictive that what they learn cannot be used in their business - what's the point??? And do you really want to be chasing people down to sue them??

I don't. I want my readers and customers to learn from me and with me, and I want everyone to USE what they buy from me, rather than be constantly worrying about violating some stupid over-zealous TOS.

So just a heads up, peeps - read the Terms Of Service on everything you buy because this trend of sue-happy TOSs seems to be growing - as is my list of folks that I will not buy from or promote!! I am very sad to see this happening, and while it is probably a misguided attempt to protect their work, content/course creators need to realize that this is going to happen, there will always be competition. The people that you chase off are usually the ones that are law-abiding good customers, while the ones that will copy your work will never be deterred by your TOS - no matter how nasty it is!

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 2.56.56 PM

Leonie Dawson -
The Person That Got Me Interested In Designing Planners!

Yes, you can blame Leonie!!! I discovered her planners and workbooks and fell in love with her artistic style - and her color schemes!! A cautionary note, however - she drops the "F-Bomb" frequently so if you have tender ears, Leonie is not going to be for you!

Leonie RARELY puts any of her courses on sale and right now she has
4 of her top sellers on sale for 50% off:

Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income
Sales Star Masterclass
40 Days to a Finished Book
40 Days to Create + Sell Your eCourse

Check them out here:
Leonie's Black Friday 50% Off Sale!!

From Content Sparks
Black Friday Bundle of Bonuses

In all honesty - I think this is one of the best deals I have seen so far! This goes live FRIDAY and it is a bundle of 28 bonuses that they have offered over the last 12 months. In addition to the bonuses, you also get coupons for deep discounts (50%) on the related courses, in case you want to pick those up too. This is the kind of true High-quality content that you can quickly use to build your list, create passive long-term revenue streams, and in general - just simply make money with!! This is the kind of BF special I love - and yes, I will be snapping this one up!

You'll get all of this white label content in your bundle:

9 Ready to Go Challenge Kits:

Each ‘kit' gives you the materials you need to run a successful 5-Day Challenge, including:
  • Instructions for running your challenge
  • 5 daily challenge emails (use for email and/or livestreams, or both!)
  • 5 daily worksheets for your participants - so you can really get them to take action
  • 2 promo emails (to promote the related course)
Here are the 9 challenge kits included in your bundle of bonuses:
    1. Are You Ready to Start Coaching? (based on Action-Based Coaching Skills)
    2. 5 Steps to Starting Your Own Freelance Business (based on Start Your Own Freelance Business)
    3. 5 Reasons Your Marketing Message Is Falling On Deaf Ears (based on Create Your Marketing Message)
    4. 5 Reasons You’re Not Selling More of Your Services (based on Packaging & Pricing Your Services)
    5. Quick Ways to Add Passive Income to Your Sales Funnel (based on Easy Passive Income)
    6. Start to Enjoy Selling…Even if You Hate it Now (based on Essential Sales Skills)
    7. The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Social Media Strategy (and How to Get Started Now!) (based on Create Your Social Media Master Plan)
    8. The 5 Keys to Transform Your Storytelling into Story Selling (based on The Art of Story Selling)
    9. How to Set Up a Virtual Bootcamp for Your Audience (based on Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp)

4 Journals / Planners

  • Business Coaching Focus Journal (50 pages)
  • 90-Day Goal Journal (268 pages)
  • Package Your Services Planner (43 pages)
  • Social Media Content Planner (226 pages)

7 Sales Page Copy Templates

  1. Sales Page Copy for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
  2. Sales Page Copy for Create Your Profitable Business Mastermind
  3. Opt-In Page Copy for Laser Focus
  4. Sales Page Copy for Magnetic Content
  5. Sales Page Copy for Think Like a CEO
  6. Opt-In Page Copy for Visions Boards for Business Success
  7. Sales Page Copy for Selling With Webinars

8 more valuable bonuses

  • 3D Scroll Stoppers and Sales Page Videos - which are a dynamic way to build buzz for your course on Content Design Essentials.
  • Content Upgrade Templates - Includes a checklist, infographic and calendar in editable Canva templates. Use with Attract Quality Leads with Content Upgrades or your own course. We're told these are worth the price of the bundle alone!
  • Sensory Words Guide & Slideshow - A 26-page guide and accompanying 76-slide slideshow on using sensory words and phrases in your e-commerce copywriting. This can be a standalone masterclass, lead-generating webinar - you choose! Use with E-Commerce Copywriting Essentials or your own course.
  • Ideal Customer Profile 3D Avatar - A printable project for you or your clients and leads. You just create your 3D Avatar to place it on your desk as an inspiring reminder of who you serve. Use with Create Your Ideal Customer Profile or your own course.
  • Managing Hybrid Teams (Special Report) - This report can easily be used as a Content Upgrade or lead magnet to grow your email list of people interested in managing hybrid teams. You can repurpose it into a webinar, or deliver it as a livestream. Your business owners are looking for this exact info right now! Use with Managing Remote Teams or your own course.
  • Thrive Quiz - A quiz on how to think like a CEO, packaged up ready for you to import into Thrive Quiz Builder on your WordPress site. Use with Think Like a CEO or your own course.
  • Guide to Using Live Polls & Breakout Sessions (11-page guide with worksheets) - shows your audience how they can use interactive online features in their virtual boot camps or other live group training or coaching sessions. Use with Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp or your own course
  • Vision Board Checklist - A checklist that includes all the essentials for a successful vision board. Also comes in 3 designs. Use with Visions Boards for Business Success or your own course.

LIVE FRIDAY - $900+ for only $77!!!

Black Friday Bundle of Bonuses

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 3.35.43 PM

Ruthie says:
It's Almost Christmas!!

These are truly unique and absolutely gorgeous!! Brand new - you won't find these anywhere else!! All original, and hand-drawn!!

Set #1 - 20 Christmas Line Art Coloring Pages

Set #2 - 20 Zen-Style Christmas Coloring Pages

Set #3 - 20 More Zen-Style Christmas Coloring Pages
>>>>> Check them out here: Ruthie's Coloring Bundle!!

Bonus: 15 Snowflake Mandala Coloring Pages (delivered next Friday) - you will find them in the Bonus section at

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 3.10.46 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 3.11.04 PM
Free Goodies Today!!

From the Archives...

5 Vintage Graphics with matching Title Banners - perfect for planner and journal covers, stationery and more! Full commercial use rights - use for any project, sell, or give away as you please! Just do not claim copyright or use our name!

Click Here to Download Your Gift

And of course.....Lynette's No Spend Black Friday Giveaway!!
Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 8.34.11 AM
A refreshing change! A Giveaway filled with gifts you will use! Not just PLR, there are also some great personal-use gifts as well - including a Mandala Maker from Lynette!!

Lynette's No Spend Black Friday Giveaway!

Have a wonderful weekend - and stay safe

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