LOL - seriously, we have so many things going on right now, business and LIFE...that it just took way longer than we had planned on. But have to give major kudos to the AMember support crew, who answered every question quickly and patiently. Great peeps and well worth the cost. I know there are many more 'inclusive' platforms but based on past experience - I really like being in control of my own content, and my own domain...but that's a grim tale for another day ;-)

TODAY.....we are having a grand AMember launching sale - 25% off EVERYTHING on the PLRoftheMonth.Club website - and there are now more than 50 products! Seriously, we had no idea how much content we had produced (90% over the past 6 months!) until we had to set each product up on the new platform!! Code is good from today through March 7, so you have a whole week to get your goodies on ;-)

Just use code: PLRCLUB25
at checkout at

Affiliate Contest!!
What's that saying about best laid plans, yada, yada? Yep, we originally planned on giving everyone lots of notice to jump in and promote, but since our timeline was so off (and a couple of major family issues, too - all okay, thankfully), we did not get the affiliate promos done when planned.

SO...since this is SO last minute - we are sweetening the pot with an extra $100 to the top affiliate for the sale!! You can get your affiliate links (and banners!!) here:

We have checked and double checked everything....but you know how that goes....if you find any bugs, just drop us a note at melody@plrofthemonth.club and we will get it squashed ASAP!!

And if you are in the snow zone this weekend - it's sounding nasty, so stay safe and stay warm!!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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