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Happy Friday!!!!

In spite of the fact that Friday means little in the grand scheme of things, aka "My Life", I still look forward to it - the dinosaur brain still recognizes that mythical creatures called "The Weekend"...

This weekend is going to be a busy one - we have roofing work going on, thanks to storm damage over the summer, and I need to get a couple of rooms upstairs cleaned out so they can do the interior repair work as well. Not going to be fun, but it will be great when it is done!

My other big task this weekend is making a dent in the massive 'To Do' List that I am working through. As I explained in our KS call Thursday, I have always kept a MASSIVE spreadsheet that details every project I am involved with, from my own product launches, to my affiliate promotions and bonuses. But somewhere along the way this summer, things were so crazy that my spreadsheet and I parted ways.

Big. freaking. mistake.

I still keep everything categorized neatly in folders, but my spreadsheet had all of the links neatly listed as well, and I could find anything I needed in seconds: sales pages, landing pages, dropbox, zoom, aMember - you name it, it's in there.

Now that my spreadsheet is not up to date - I have to do a search and while it really only takes minutes...minutes add up to hours quickly. If I spend 3 minutes searching for 10 different items (Affiliate links, promotions etc) every day - that is 210 minutes or 2 a half hours lost every week! That is more than a WEEK by the end of the year!

Scary how those minutes add up isn't it??

I would rather get myself organized again and spend that week on vacation....

So my big focus over the coming week is to get my spreadsheets back in shape and ready for Q1!!

AND YES!!! I will share my spreadsheet with everyone - it's not pretty but it works!!

And here's a time-saving tip:
Always put your landing page and download pages links in the spreadsheet for your bundles and giveaways - makes it super easy to find them when you want to duplicate them for a new event!

Zoomin' Around....
• Reminder - we will be 'dark' the week of Thanksgiving - no Zooms the week of November 21!!

Content Sparks:
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And off to start cleaning out the upstairs!

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