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Hi Everyone!

Hope this finds you alive and well and on the right side of the ground, as an old neighbor of mine used to greet me with every day at the mailbox. And yes, obviously, if I was at the mailbox, I was more than likely on the right side of the ground...whether it felt like it or not ;-)

>>>> TOP SECRET!!!
We had an interesting, all-over-the-place (I know, that's pretty much normal for us!) Q&A-driven Kitchen Sink today, and I teased everyone with the very hush-hush plans for 2022! I am not revealing the final details to the group until 2-3 weeks before our next event, because this is a very different, fresh concept and I want to keep it that way until we are ready to announce it;-)

However, if you want to participate, start working on your tripwire/mini-funnel - because everyone will need both a freebie gift and a low-cost paid product to participate ....but we are NOT doing a traditional giveaway or bundle. You will just have to wait and see - but you will definitely not want to miss this one!

More details after Turkey Day - but hold a spot in mid-Feb open ;-)

On another note....
We did an informal survey today on topics of interest for upcoming Kitchen Sink Sessions. As you may recall, before the Summit, we discussed this and did have a couple of speakers on various topics, from video to Bublup.

I want to start this up again with one or two before Christmas and a full schedule for Q1.

Topics suggested today included:
Warrior Plus Setup
How to create coloring pages
Email sequences
Product delivery

And more, of course! If you have any topics that you would like to request - or if you would like to present/teach a topic - drop me a note at [email protected]

Let's get 2022 off to a fantastic start for everyone with no one left behind!!

Zoomin' Around....

• No NFT call Friday - roofers are coming to start the roof work, so we will be out of the office for most of the day!

• Reminder - we will be 'dark' the week of Thanksgiving - no Zooms the week of November 21!!
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At $27 this may be the deal of the month!

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Fast Track To 1 Million
by Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney has been a multi-million dollar earner online for more than a decade, and it's been interesting to see his style evolve from late-night TV used car salesman persona to a much more soft-sale approach. I've bought so many courses from him over the years and I learn something new every. single. time.

This latest one is only $9.95 and consists of 7+ hours from a live webinar, the transcripts, an action plan for each topic/video, plus downloadable audio and video. This would be massive at $97 - this is ridiculous for $9.97!!

There is a funnel - but only 4 products in it - I only purchased the FE, but after scanning the videos, I will probably be picking up at least the first OTO.

This is not sales pitchy - this is the real deal from a live event, and it is very interesting, and honestly, I think it is an AMAZING Bargain!


Fast Track To 1 Million

Cool Tutorials and Free Stuff!!

I always hesitate to promote anything of Leonie's because, well, she has a mouth on her, as the saying goes, but I AM a customer. But she has sold $12,000,000 of her planners, with minimal hours and minimal staff - and the truth is that she is the one that first got me interested in the planner biz! She just reorganized her website, and has all of her very spectacular freebies on one page now - if you want to see amazing and creative original artwork and her own planners and workbooks (which yes, I DO buy every year) please visit her at
Just a warning: if you are sensitive to certain words beginning with F and ending with not visit!! Otherwise, have fun with her work.

11 Google Analytics Reports You Might Not Know About
Although Google Analytics is the website and marketing measurement platform of choice for many - new reports and tools are added on a regular basis, without much fanfare. Check this out to see what you might be missing!

Bringing in That First Sale, Partnership or Investment: A Guide for Startups
Some sound tips on data gathering to make sure you are on the right path - how to create that story that will resonate with customers, and still be true to you!

6 Ways To Repurpose PLR Tip Sheets In Under 10 Minutes
Great training and it's my fave price: FREE!!!

Understanding Core Web Vitals: How to Monitor them & their Impact on your Website

Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that Google uses to evaluate the quality of our websites - Optimizing our sites for these metrics is absolutely critical...but how many of us actually understand what the heck it all means??
That's it for today!!

Have a wonderful evening!

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