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Hi Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that the Clickvio pre-launch webinar/demo is coming up at 10:00 am EST this morning.

There WILL be a special Bundle offer made at the end of the webbie, which I think is only available through the webinar, however, the BASIC version, which is all most of us will actually need is very reasonable and will be available when the product actually launches at 11:00 am EST today ;-) I am not 100% sure, but I believe that the basic product is only $27!!!
Clickvio lets you create gorgeous newsletters without switching out your current autoresponder. Clickvio is a modern-day email builder, the kind that gives higher inboxing and that means higher opens, more clicks, and more sales. Fully tested, fully vetted and it has already been used in 50,000+ live email marketing campaigns.

Although this has TONS of features - my favorite is the fact that it gives drag and drop ease design capability BUT I can also export the finished email in HTML so I can post the newsletter on my website for FRESH, PERMANENT FOOD FOR GOOGLE!!

Get full details and sign up for the free webinar tomorrow at 10:00 am EST

Register for Clickvio Webinar

Yes, let's do a full walk-through Workshop! I will also include how
to add the HTML newsletter to your WordPress site, how to create a
nice-looking category page, and much more!

Send your receipt to [email protected]

Zoomin' Around....Thursday....

Yes, the Kitchen Sink Mastermind returns and we will be discussing the recent Summit, as well as plans for 2022!! Zoom details are in your PLRoftheMonth.Club Member Dashboard (This is free and open to everyone to attend!)

I've had to do some serious re-scheduling of Workshops and our 'usual' Zooms for the next couple of weeks, as we had conflicts with holidays and other important workshops, so please be sure to check the CALENDAR to see what is coming up!!

And as a reminder - we will be 'dark' the week of Thanksgiving - no Zooms the week of November 21!!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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