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If you haven't had the time to pick up the "90 Day Marketing Planner" over at Thrive Anywhere - now is a great time to do it because the Early Bird Discount ends tonight at midnight!!

Click below to get it at the lowest price:
Thrive Anywhere

While taking a break from moving all of our products over to the AMember platform, I found a terrific article on The Side Hustle Nation that listed 41 Tools, Apps & Resources To Your Side Hustle. There were quite a number of great tools that I had never come across before (I had no idea that there was a plugin for GMail to let me see if my email had been opened!) and you can access the list without opting in. Most of the tools are free, so his recommendations are real, and not affiliate income driven. Also - check out his podcasts - love them! - and most are also transcribed if you don't have time for the full audio. Just a great site full of inspiring tales of online success.

I am willing to bet you will find at least a couple of goodies in there that you will want to give a shot!

An interesting note - Nick Loper, the site owner, uses an old school paper planner and sells his version on Amazon (It's on the bottom of the page above).

Tackle the world and make it yours this week!

Almost done with the AMember integration - takes a bit of time with this many products! But watch for a BIG 25% sale on EVERYTHING this week ;-). Ping me if you want to sign up as an affiliate and promote it!
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