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yes, we are back this week....
Hi Everyone!

I've spent a lot of time just catching up since the Summit - mostly on sleep!! - but also trying to get caught up on emails (will I ever??), upcoming projects, and events (and yes, I had to pass on several), as well as products that launched over the past month or so, as TBH - I have been focused on nothing but the Summit for the past 6 weeks.

Putting together a Summit is very different from a bundle or giveaway, because it is really like doing 3 events, all at once, and we add to that mess by doing the event LIVE, rather than pre-recorded. Yes, pre-recorded is easier, and much less stress, but I think we lose a great deal by not having the audience interaction and the ability to ask questions in real-time.

But herding almost 100 people to the finish line?
Painful, to put it mildly, LOL.

But here is something that many people do NOT understand about organizing these events: you profit in ways that cannot be measured in dollars and cents today, but will show up in your bottom line for years to come: you build relationships with people whose paths you might never have crossed had you not reached out to them for your event. Yes, you are building your mailing list - but just as importantly - you are expanding your NETWORK of professional contacts.

One of the great joys of being self-employed is that you get to choose who you work with and when you want to work with them, and events - online or RL - are one of the best ways to take advantage of this homepreneur's perk!

In the past few months, I have organized several small and unusual product launch experiments that could never have taken place with the usual mix and number of products in a large bundle group. Instead, I reached out to a handful of people in my network that I have met over the past 18 months through other events, whose products, price points, and audiences were all similar to mine. In this way, we were able to do some quick launches, test our theories and make plans for the coming year ;-)

In closing, when you participate in any event - paid bundle, free giveaway or summit - look beyond the obvious. Don't just check your Affiliate stats, or how many optins you've had! Take a few moments to reach out to some of the other contributors or speakers - introduce yourself, start a dialogue! You never know what might happen!

But please - do remember to be professional, and that not everyone will dive in and become your customer or affiliate right away! Not everyone is a good fit for your product, even though their product might be perfect for your audience. It happens!! I promote people every day that have never and will never promote me - it's just part of the business.
Zoomin' Around....

• Q4 Workshop #3 (Part of the 4-part Warrior Plus special)
Tuesday, 3:00 PM EST
Creating Custom Lead Magnets From Your Digital Planners For ANY Niche!
You must pre-register for this event - access your purchase through your account on Warrior Plus.

• The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, 3:00 PM EST
We're BAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!! Yep, this week we will talk about the Summit, ideas for the future and upcoming training sessions ;-) Find your Zoom details in your member area dashboard here: Member Login

Freebie Alert:

From Kevin Fahey, Best Practices for Becoming a Confident Communicator
You have to see this one - it may well be the shortest sales page to ever be
launched on Warrior Plus!!
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 9.13.25 PM
2021 Q4 Focus: Full-Color Profits Challenge
If you are struggling to make KDP sales, Julie Coffman's course may be just what you are looking for!

And yes, I did purchase this today because this is one of my goals for the coming year - more PASSIVE income! I will be right along with you in this one, so we can share ideas and compare our progress! And if we have enough people - we can open a Facebook group for this as well so that we can share our work and offer support!

Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern on November 14, and Challenge starts the next day on November 15.

Check it out here:

2021 Q4 Focus: Full-Color Profits Challenge
Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 1.23.13 PM
I really like this one! This is NOT for automated posting, but rather for Keyword and Competition research ;-)
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    And yes...I picked up an OTO - the one where they set up and optimize your Boards for you ;-)
>>> Check it out here: PINBANK

12 Zen-Style Flower Coloring Pages

zenstyle flower coloring pages promo graphic
These are really gorgeous!! All new and all original! From Ruthie Bowers at RichieMedia.Ca, comes this gorgeous new bundle of Zentangle style flowers - perfect for coloring books, journals, planners, and since there are 12 - CALENDARS!!

BONUS: $10 coupon for anything on our site - and I am in the process of updating all current products for 2022, plus a new printable planner will be out next week as well - so you will have lots of chances to spend this very soon!! Link to your coupon details will be in the bonus area in your member dashboard on Ruthie's site shortly!

>>> Check it out here: 12 Zen-Style Flower Coloring Pages
That's it for now - hope to see y'all Thursday!

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