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Hi Everyone!

Seems like the days are flying by right now - but then this has been a super busy week, rather than the relaxing one that I had hoped for, but it could not be helped. Lots of things that needed to be 'caught up' after being ignored for weeks during the summit prep, and now time to head back into a week of Zooms :-)

No rest for the self-employed, right?

A quick reminder to everyone that the ENTIRE Swag Bundle from the Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 is available through Sunday at MIDNIGHT - so download all that you want now!! This is not like a paid bundle, so you do not have months to download everything - and once it shuts down - this is it!!

Get your Swag here: THE SWAG BAG "AFTER EVENT"

The links should all be working but if you find an issue - please contact the contributor - I do NOT have direct access to most of the Swag items, so it will be faster for you to contact the contributor.
Affiliate Contest - This was a close one!!!!
When the dust cleared - we had a few people that did refunds so that they could upgrade their bundles to include the replays! - Becky Beach and Ruthie Bowers were tied for First, with Jan Small just a handful of sales behind!! Interestingly, I paid more affiliates their first commissions with us than for any event or launch this year, and that was really fun! We had just under 50 affiliates for the event, many with only a couple of sales, but it was also the FIRST affiliate sales for many as well, so that was a major milestone for many of our peeps!! Kudos to all and thank you for your support!!

And speaking of Contests -
I still have not received emails from everyone that won prizes at the Summit!

If you won the "Spin the Wheel" at one of the sessions, please claim your prize by sending an email to [email protected] - and please put "PRIZEWINNER" in the subject line!
So What's Next??

TBH - that is a good question - but I have several ideas already in the works. There have been a LOT of bundles, giveaways and events in the last few months, and I think people are getting tired and maybe a bit 'Zoomed-out' - I know I am! - so I am working on some new concepts for 2022. So far, the tests have been good, and it's much less stressful from my side, too!

Yes, there are people that do 3-day events that roll into their own $5k++ courses, and they tout that they just made "$250,000 in 3 days" - but that is not really true! The reality is that there were probably 6 to 9 months of work that went into that 3-day event beforehand and then another 60 to 90 days or more involved in the course/coaching that was sold during the webinar. And if the webinar is NOT a success? You've lost months of work and most of your year's income - and this happens more than people admit...

So, while the Summits have been fun, and have had great response and feedback - I am also seeing a LOT of very similar events coming up in Q1 - so time to shake it up a bit and do 'our own thang' again ;-)

One thing that will NOT change - the focus will continue to be on quality training, and not a pitch fest like so many 'events'!!

In the meantime - there have been some great products that launched this week - here's a few that I really like:
Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 1.23.13 PM
I picked this one up today and early testing looks promising! This is NOT for automated posting, but rather for Keyword and Competition research ;-)
  • Stay ahead of the competition by finding the top trends right now!
  • Find Fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips for optimizing your own content.
  • Discovering the pins with the MOST saves & repins, then repin those same pins to your own boards for maximum traffic exposure!
  • Uncover the BEST converting pins & ads in your Pinterest feed as you browse!
  • Finding out what Pinterest boards are producing the BEST results
  • Spy on the TOP pinners on Pinterest to reverse engineer their successful content.

    And yes...I picked up an OTO - the one where they set up and optimize your Boards for you ;-)
>>> Check it out here: PINBANK

12 Zen-Style Flower Coloring Pages

zenstyle flower coloring pages promo graphic
From Ruthie Bowers at RichieMedia.Ca, comes this gorgeous new bundle of Zentangle style flowers - perfect for coloring books, journals, planners, and since there are 12 - CALENDARS!!

BONUS: $10 coupon for anything on our site - and I am in the process of updating all current products for 2022, plus a new printable planner will be out next week as well - so you will have lots of chances to spend this very soon!! Link to your coupon details will be in the bonus area in your member dashboard on Ruthie's site shortly!

>>> Check it out here: 12 Zen-Style Flower Coloring Pages
Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 2.12.30 PM
From Jan at comes this adorable "Winter Bucket List" Printable! In Canva and PowerPoint, the design is easy to edit, and with 30 pages - you have a LOT of options to either create your own bundle product or sell the individual templates on their own.

BONUS: 5 Snowflake Mandala Coloring pages (already uploaded to Jan's Site - find them in your member area after the purchase)

>>>Check it out here: Winter Bucket List
That's it for now, but next week - we are back in full Zoom mode, with all kinds of good things coming up. And tomorrow - some tips on how to make the most out of those new subscribers you have!!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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