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Hey, everyone!

Holy cow. My brain is on overload. Neil Napier gave an incredible presentation on the power of email marketing, and then a template for an email sequence for free (seriously - better than ones that I have paid $$$ for and it was FREE!) and then made us an even more incredible deal on Mailvio Magic - one of the most comprehensive packages I have seen in ages, including email/autoresponder services for 1 year for up to 5,000 peeps, multiple complete email sequences, software to sell, AND training and MORE...details are below - and it's for less than the usual email service charges for 1,000 peeps for the year - without all of the bells and whistles. And yes, I am moving to Mailvio.

And THEN...Yadsia hit it out of the ballpark with her FaceBook ads presentation - and now I am busy plotting my FB ads strategy for my next planner...she is sooo knowledgeable in this area, and it was very evident in the way she went through her presentation today - the woman simply knows her stuff! I look forward to her updated course when it comes out in January (sooner I hope).

Our final presentation of the day was our "Getting Comfy" with video panel, and we touched on a bit of everything, from lighting to audio -

Zoom was having glitches today and some of you were not able to view the replays. I have opened a ticket but 10 hrs later - no love. But no worries - I will leave the replays up for at least another day. Today's replays will all be posted in the am - and hopefully Zoom will be working by then.

We also have a possible late addition to the bundle from someone you all know - hopefully, will have for you tomorrow!

Don't forget to check out the Premium Bundle -

It's Only Here For A Short Time!

Neil's Amazing Offer
for Mailvio!

This offer is only good for 48 hours!!

Neil is one of the few software creators that truly stands behind his software - he updates on a regular basis and consistently improves and adds new features - he values his customers and it shows.

This is so much more than just another email service - this is an entire business model, the tools to run, AND the training to make it succeed - and you can even opt for the 3 payment plan. It really puts it within pretty much everyone's price range ;-)

12-Months of Mailvio Engage (5.000 subs)

6x High-Quality Commercial Software (To Giveaway Or Sell)
Includes 6 Whitelabel software to sell as your own. This includes the Bonus Page Builder, Scratch&Win, DFY Thumbnail, DFY SocialApps, DFY SimpleAds, and a Logo creator. You can sell these products via PayPal, W+, and JVZoo, and they come with a ready-to-go sales page.

FULL AUTOMATION - To Sell 6x Whitelabel Products (3 emails)
For each product that you get, you also get access to 3 DFY emails (so 18 emails total) that you can just queue up and just start selling these products.

Rolodex of Solo Ad Vendors
A Rolodex that has the Top100 Solo Ads vendors, so you'll always be in a position to know how they score, how much they charge, etc.

BONUS: Fill-In-The-Gap Membership Automation Sequences
- Sales Sequence (lead -> Sale)
- Cart Abandonment Sequence
- Upsell Sequence (if needed)
- Welcome Sequence (KLT for all new members OR unopeners)
... and many more
(Delivered by October 31st)

BONUS: Weekly Mailvio Training
Our email deliverability expert and head of product, Damien, holds live weekly training and basically answers all your questions you might have. We also have a dedicated fb group where you can ask questions and share experiences with other Mailvians.

• FAST ACTION BONUS: Overnight List Success
A 14-day training that's going to show you how to build an email list. If you don't have money to waste on the faster methods like the ones we showed on the webinar, then this is the training perfectly suited for you.

• FAST ACTION BONUS: Traffic Masterclass
Over 8 hours of traffic generation which covers platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

(there is even a payment plan available - making this affordable for everyone!!)

Debbie Gartner's SEO Courses!!

As promised - here is a list of Debbie's courses on SEO! If you missed her presentation today - she basically built her blogging income (consistently in excess of $20k per month now), by learning the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization - in other words, she learned how to 'feed' Google the content it wants to see. Not machine-created garbage, but with real content....and she HATES writing!! Her courses are written for you and I - easy to follow and easy to implement!

Free SEO Course
Easy Backlinks for SEO
Blog Income Recovery
Ultimate SEO Bundle (3 products - Easy On-Page SEO, Easy Backlinks for SEO, and Easy SEO Revamp Course)
Affiliate Contest!!

Yes, this time we are having an affiliate contest!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Commissions earned during the 3-day Summit will be paid on October 29th, and then daily after that date until the Premium Bundle closes on November 2nd!

If you want to register as an affiliate head on over here to register:

BTW - you will find graphics and swipes in your Dashboard under the Affiliate menu.

If you are offering a bonus - aMember may not automatically add the bonus to your customer's account if they buy after being cookied previously. If this happens - just check your dashboard to confirm the purchase as you will be able to see your customers. I am finding that sometimes it works...and sometimes it does not...

Tomorrow's Line-up!!

Oct. 28th:
11:00 AM EDT:
Bublup for Creatives:
a single place to organize, share, and be inspired

Eric Newdom,

1:30 PM EDT:
Rocking Your Sales Page
A 5-pronged approach to sales pages that … sell!
Naima Sheikh,

4:00 PM EDT:
Don’t Let WordPress Ruffle Your Feathers!!
Yolande' Dugmore, the Feathered Vine

See you all tomorrow!!

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