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Hey, everyone!

Wow!! What an amazing first day!! Some SERIOUS gems in today's sessions, inspiring, motivating, and above all - REAL - stories. Not one guru trying to tell you that success is having the right software or wanting to sell you a 'magic button' to make it all happen. Real stories from the trenches. I could not have asked for a better first day!!

Replays are in the member dashboard at VIRTUALEVENTSUNLIMITED.COM - just below the Zoom details. You will have 48 hours to watch each day's sessions before the link will go away. Session #3 will be posted just after this newsletter goes out ;-)

We had a couple of bad links in the Bundle today (hey between the Swag and the Premium Bundle there were almost 100 products involved - things will always break!). Most are working now, but if you find an issue, no need to report it yet as I think we have all of them identified and all but 2 fixed. I hope to have those fixed shortly - just download the new updated PDF from your download area.

Don't forget to check out the Premium Bundle -

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Debbie Gartner's SEO Courses!!

As promised - here is a list of Debbie's courses on SEO! If you missed her presentation today - she basically built her blogging income (consistently in excess of $20k per month now), by learning the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization - in other words, she learned how to 'feed' Google the content it wants to see. Not machine-created garbage, but with real content....and she HATES writing!! Her courses are written for you and I - easy to follow and easy to implement!

Free SEO Course
Easy Backlinks for SEO
Blog Income Recovery
Ultimate SEO Bundle (3 products - Easy On-Page SEO, Easy Backlinks for SEO, and Easy SEO Revamp Course)
Affiliate Contest!!

Yes, this time we are having an affiliate contest!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Commissions earned during the 3-day Summit will be paid on October 29th, and then daily after that date until the Premium Bundle closes on November 2nd!

If you want to register as an affiliate head on over here to register:

BTW - you will find graphics and swipes in your Dashboard under the Affiliate menu.

If you are offering a bonus - aMember may not automatically add the bonus to your customer's account if they buy after being cookied previously. If this happens - just check your dashboard to confirm the purchase as you will be able to see your customers. I am finding that sometimes it works...and sometimes it does not...

Tomorrow's Line-up!!

Oct. 27th:
11:00 AM EDT:
Watch How You Can Use Email Marketing To
Magically Maximize Your Business Revenue!
Neil Napier,

1:30 PM EDT:
Facebook Ads For Low-Priced
Digital Products

Yadsia Iglesias,

4:00 PM EDT:
Round Table: Video: Finding Your Comfort Zone
Cathy Gilstrap, Catherine Beebe, Sheryl Bernstein & Cara Boardwine

Oct. 28th:
11:00 AM EDT:
Bublup for Creatives:
a single place to organize, share, and be inspired

Eric Newdom,

1:30 PM EDT:
Rocking Your Sales Page
A 5-pronged approach to sales pages that … sell!
Naima Sheikh,

4:00 PM EDT:
Don’t Let WordPress Ruffle Your Feathers!!Yolande' Dugmore, the Feathered Vine

See you all tomorrow!!

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