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Let's Stretch Our Wings A Bit...

Hey, everyone!

I hope this finds everyone alive and well and enjoying some lovely fall weather. Cincy has been blessed with mild weather this week and we have tried to take advantage of it as much as possible, dining out more than normal, since we know outdoor dining will disappear soon!

I am still a bit under the weather but apparently, this is not an un-common delayed side effect of the boosters. They are still so new that there is not much data yet, but I am definitely fighting something, just don't know if it is a 'garden variety' bug or "Booster-itis". Either way, it needs to go away soon cuz I do NOT have time for this crud!!

A Freebie for you today...with strings attached ;-)

LOL yep, this is a freebie with a purpose!! Kevin Fahey has a great freebie course for you today about amping up your productivity and making more money with everything you do. The freebie is great - but the REAL lesson is the sales page and the VIDEOS he has on every page throughout the funnel - they are ALL very simple - and they are ALL TEXT videos! If the thought of doing a sales video makes you shake all over and head for the closet - then you really want to check this out and go through the funnel.

For the record - there are very few marketers that A/B test as much as Kevin - so if Kevin is doing text videos instead of being on camera - there is a reason ;-)

Bottom line: The freebie is a good one - but the lesson of the sales process is even better ;-) (and yes, I bought everything except the expensive one, because I am a huge fan and always learn from him). The download link is that big purple box below ;-)

In other news....
The Homepreneur's Adventure update is at the end of the newsletter - we are getting close - I have started updating the website!!

These events are a MASSIVE undertaking, and will pretty much consume every day between now and launch. Some technical details to work out yet but we always seem to (more or less) pull it off with only a few minor (more or less LOL) glitches.

But overall, these kinds of things are fun, and they let us stretch our wings and see what we can do.

After all what fun is the day without a bit of reaching past your boundaries?

This is the LAST DAY!!!

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 1.45.48 PM

The Podcaster's Kit

Yep, Dan Morris is one of THE people to learn from if you want to learn about Podcasting! I am sure that you have been inundated with promos for this latest bundle - but if you missed Dan's visit to the Kitchen Sink last week - you missed something very special! Dan did a deep dive into the WHYs of having a podcast and gave us so many amazing ideas on how we can use a podcast to drive traffic to our sites and shops:

• Your blog/Shopify/Etsy shop becomes the SPONSOR of your blog - this lets you announce it at the beginning, middle and end of your podcast!

• Offer coupons/discounts for your products/stores on your podcast

• As an affiliate - you can bring other product creators on your podcast, and then the product becomes the sponsor for that episode - and of course - you send them to the page with your affiliate link on it!

• Cross-promote with other podcasters that have similar demographics to your audience

The discussion was filled to the brim with GREAT IDEAS - and the

The Podcaster's Kit

has everything you need to put those great ideas into ACTION!!

And if you missed it - Dan joined us at the Kitchen Sink last Thursday:




Two Gorgeous New Digital 2022 Vision Board Planners

These are FULLY Dated and Hyperlinked - TWO for only $17!!!

You will never find a better deal than this - and they come with

• Edit, change, rebrand as you wish
• Sell for any price or give away to build your list
• Delivered in PDF, Keynote, Powerpoint
Includes Live Workshop on creating Workbooks for any niche

And we have two very low-priced (and rare!) OTOs that rock!

Affiliates: If you promoted our Meet The Creators launch last month - you should be auto-approved for this one too - grab your affiliate links here: Mel's Digital Planner Mega Sale
Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 5.04.50 PM
This is the Freebie I mentioned above! The freebie is awesome - but you really need to take a few minutes to watch one or two of the videos and study his technique and the funnel flow. It's a lesson in itself!

Kevin Fahey is a genius at this stuff - just the kind of person we should ALL be learning from!!

Vision Board Planner Course
from Content Sparks

Talk about Great timing!! This new course from Sharyn at Content Sparks is the perfect content to turn our new Vision Board Digital Planners into Workbooks! And - If you picked up our new Vision Board Planners at Warrior Plus - you are already going to get a free workshop on turning your planner into a Workbook!

And I will add a special bonus: after the Workshop, I will deliver a completed 4-week Workbook Digital Vision Board planner with material from the course!

New PLR - Francis Ochoco -
3 Top Selling Udemy Courses

I grab these every time they come out with a new one!!! These 3 courses include everything you need to actually launch a course - including the transcripts (133 pages) so you can record your own audio, mini sales pages, and more!

• Video Course #1: Website Traffic Domination - How I got 2367+ visitors/day
3.5 hours of Video

Video Course #2: Kindle Publishing - Learn How To Publish eBooks On Amazon
1.5 hours of video

• Video Course #3: How To Start An Affiliate Marketing & Dropshipping Business
1.5 hours of video

Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 Update

The Welcome emails have been resent. I am now going through all of the images and changes that have come in, and have started working on the website ;-)

NOTE! Do not panic if you do not get a confirmation email immediately - there are 80+ contributors and that does not include Speakers, Round Tables, Sponsors, and regular support issues. It is not humanly possible at this stage to respond to everyone in 'real time'. If you do not get a response in 48 hours, please email again.

PLEASE: use this email for event-related issues: [email protected]

That's it for now - have a great weekend!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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