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This ends tonight...
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Hey, everyone!

Well, yesterday was an INTERESTING day...and I use that term because of my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Nelson, who taught that if you could not say anything nice about something - just say it was interesting...

LOL but in this case, that is probably not accurate because the GOOD definitely outweighed the bad by the end of the day! On the bad side - every .club website on the planet was down for about 2 hours as the parent registrar for this TLD designation went down - just after we learned that we were chosen for Deal Of The Day over at WarriorPlus...then my newsletter service stopped working and the reminder email for
our very special Kitchen Sink speaker, Dan Morris, went out at 4:30 am about 12 hours AFTER the actual event...

And if you missed it - DAN ROCKED IT!!! The replay is available, and if you ever wondered about whether or not you should be doing a podcast - after you listen to Dan you will be wondering why on earth you are NOT doing a podcast!!

I can honestly tell you that I fell in love with the concept of podcasting during our first Homepreneur's Adventure Summit last summer! It is so much fun, and not nearly as tough as you might think with a bit of prep work beforehand! (Trust me when I say the speaker's application form that I used had a LOT to do with that!)

And Ruthie is going to be launching her own podcast very soon as well (yep, I guess it was supposed to be a secret, but hey! I am so NOT good at keeping those!) and it will be instrumental in promoting the upcoming Summit, too! I will be starting my Podcast, The Homepreneur's Adventure, shortly after the Summit.

So if you want to launch your own podcast in the near future - this really is a great Toolbox to get you started AND you know you have a ready-made army of affiliates and an eager audience waiting for you here!

Catch the replay here:
Topic: The Kitchen Sink Mastermind, Featuring Dan Morris, BC Stack and The Podcaster's Kit
Oct 7, 2021 02:59 PM
Meeting Recording:

And of course - the big question at the end of the day: Am I the OLDEST woman to get Deal Of The Day (that isn't the mom of a major IMer??) LOL we will probably never know but I am willing to bet that I am!!

Oh and to put a cherry on the day? I have a cold - my first in probably 5 years, and definitely just a cold. No COVID symptoms!

Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 Update

Now that the newsletter seems to be working again (I hope) I will be RE-SENDING the Welcome emails since folks did not receive it. I will also be matching up all of the responses of the last 2 days with the outstanding items to see where we are - email confirmations and/or reminders will be going out over the weekend.

NOTE! Do not panic if you do not get a confirmation email immediately - there are 80+ contributors and that does not include Speakers, Round Tables, Sponsors, and regular support issues. It is not humanly possible at this stage to respond to everyone in 'real time'. If you do not get a response in 48 hours, please email again.

PLEASE: use this email for event-related issues: [email protected]

The Podcaster's Kit

Yep, Dan Morris is one of THE people to learn from if you want to learn about Podcasting! These are my top picks from the bundle:
  • How to Sell Your Own Products on Your Podcast: A Deep Dive into Self-Sponsored Ads
  • Podcast Influencer Formula (From a team that has been producing podcasts for 10+ years, released 10,000 episodes, and helped flight over 30,000 ad reads)
  • Podcast Monetization Workshop (Get ready to dive into over 7 HOURS of amazing podcast monetization tips!
  • YouTube for Podcasters
  • How to Leverage Podcasting to Travel the World
  • Podcasting Promotional Materials Template Bundle
  • Grow Your Podcast: The Million Download Model
  • Video Production Made Simple

Two Gorgeous New Digital 2022 Vision Board Planners

These are FULLY Dated and Hyperlinked - TWO for only $17!!!

You will never find a better deal than this - and they come with

• Edit, change, rebrand as you wish
• Sell for any price or give away to build your list
• Delivered in PDF, Keynote, Powerpoint
• Includes Live Workshop on creating Workbooks for any niche

And we have two very low-priced (and rare!) OTOs that rock!

Affiliates: If you promoted our Meet The Creators launch last month - you should be auto-approved for this one too - grab your affiliate links here: Mel's Digital Planner Mega Sale

Transforming Lives Bundle

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 3.42.16 PM
I am a long-time fan of Gabby's work so was thrilled to be included in this one! This is a combo of all PLR products in the main bundle for only $27, and then a huge bundle of personal trainings - and you get both bundles for only $47 if you opt for the upgrade.

This is a great bundle to pick up, and put on your calendar for Q4 product creation - with some creative thinking, you can easily create enough products to get you well into Q1 of 2022

List Building For WordPress
Post Gopher - 50% Off Ends Tonight!!

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 2.38.33 PM
One of the best tools around for 'repurposing' your blog content is on sale at 50% off but it ends today!! Create an epic blog post? Get more mileage out of it by turning it into a LEAD MAGNET automagically!!

Convert Post/Pages Into PDFs
Automatically transform any blog post or page into a super targeted, high converting 'lead magnet' that's guaranteed to engage your readers. Works with individual (or all) posts / pages plus categories.

Generates Lead Capture Forms
Seamlessly integrates at API level with all top autoresponder services or just copy and paste form code for beautiful results.

Sends 'Lead Magnet' To Readers
Activate Post Gopher and everything is fully automated and hands-free! The system will send out a customizable email to your new subscriber with their download link. The statistics dashboard then provides details on your most popular posts, conversion rates and even tracks when readers return to your blog via the links inside their PDF file.

A great way to get the highest and best use out of every piece of content you have!!

Use code "PUMPKINS" for 50% off - ends tonight!

Get More Traffic To Your Offers!

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 3.24.54 PM

[PRICE ROLLBACK - just $13]
Here's How WP Scroll Convert Works...

This concept is powerfully simple...
• A visitor lands on one of your pages or posts and begins to scroll.
• Once they reach a certain point on your page or post an offer page appears.
• The person is forced to view the offer and will either take action or close the offer and continue on your page or post.

This is super, super simple to use and there is a great 3-minute video demo, too:
~ Install and active WP Scroll Convert...
~ Choose what page you want to show the visitor (it can be ANY URL even if it's on a domain you don't own).
~ Select at what point when they scroll down the page or post you want to trigger the offer page to show.
~ Then select one of 4 attention-grabbing animations you would like to use!

Some ideas on how to use this:

• A person visits your sales page and once they reach a certain point you show them an offer like a page with a coupon code on it or a squeeze page offering a freebie to build your list.

• A person visits your affiliate review blog post or bonus page and reaches the bottom. Use your affiliate link to bring up the vendor's sales page so it's right in front of them.

• A person visits your blog and starts reading a post, you can show them a link to a webinar sign-up page or squeeze page when they reach a certain point in the post.

You can mix & match all you want. Use them on a per-page or per-post basis or show the same offer across your entire site!
and back to work on the Summit!

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